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Kind Words

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Kind words do not cost much. They never blieter the tongue or lips. And we have never heard of any mental troublo arising from their use. Though they do not cost much, yet they accomplish much : 1. They help one's own good nature and will. Soft words soften our own soul. Angry words are fuel to the flama of wrath, and uiake it blaze moro fiercely. 2. Kind words make other people goodnatured. Cold words freeze people, and hot words scorch thein, and sarcastic words irrĂ­tate them, and bitter words make them wrathfal. There is such a rush of all other kinds of words in our days, that it seems desirable to give kind words a chance aniong them. There are vain words, and silly words, and hasty words and erapty words, and profane words, and boisterous words, and warlike words. Kind words also produco their own image on men'B souls, and they quiet and comfort the hearer. They shame bini out of his sour, morĂ³se, unkind feeling. Wc have not yet begun to use kind words in such abundance as they ought to be used.


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