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The Old Story In A New Form

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" The courso of truc lova ncvcr did run sniooth," is a mighty truc adageof ncient origin, and a little incident which som o of the pólice of our city bave recently workcd up, fully oonfirms its applicablcness to humao afl'airs. It scoms that some time ago Geo. Basconi, a young man about 19 years old, of Port Sarnia, Canada, niet ono of the fair sex who completely "inashed" his heart. In fact bis love was deepseated, intense, all-consuming. He proposed, and found to his intense gratification that his passion was fully returned. To be united in the fatal bonds of matriinony was George's desiro, but there was an important objection. He had no money or property in his own right, and the girl was similnrly afflicted. They could live on love for a few days, perhaps, but it wouldn't hold out. The o!d folks were " well hecled," but that wouldn't answer uniees they cauld be porsuaded to divide. The eider Baseotn had laid out a grand oareer for his only son. A college courso ; a trip to Europe to finish tho polishing proces s ; a grand plaee at the head of a profession, had long been ia the mind's eye of the old man, and he proposod to adhero to it, and perhaps a grand and wealtby connection by marriage would be the ultímate result. But Georgo's father, in some wanner, got hold of his uon's infatuation, and it displeased him very muob, so he resolved to ' ' squelch " it at onco. The young man was caüed into his presenco and qucstioned. The facts stated were elicited. The boy plead his case with all the ardor tbat love could inspire. But the old man si olidurte and hard. Hia plans Uad been matured for years, and his son mug give up Ms foolish notions. The son, ït ueems, inberited some of the old gent's firmness. Ho would not give up his first and only love. A utoroiy sccne ensued. Both allowud their tempen to ruu away with their toDgues, and finally the old man gave the boy the choioe of oompleting his eduoation as liad been planned, or cutting looae from the paternal mansion " for good and aye." The rash youth choso the latter court-c. Oeorge then wandered west. As the days passed and hia wn did not appear, the old man began to relcnt. He feit he had been too hasty. The boy was dear to him, and he commenced to feel that ho had done wrong in sending him away. At last a mother' s earncst entreaties bcing added to a f'ather's lovo ibr his boy, conquered the stubbornness of the old gentleman, and he set aitout endeavoring to find out where tho son liad gone. The girl was intorviowed, but shü would discloso" nothing. The boy was traeed to Jaekson, and from thence was knowa to have purohasodatickettoYpsilanti. Policcman Millnian was notificd of the dcsire of the old man to find his son, and taking his partner, Porter, into confidence, thcy began to work tho case up. The boy was traced tu Hillsdale, but nothing more could be found out, all clue was there lost. Finally constable Loomis was taken into thu case. For several weeks the seareh " hung fire," without result, but it was not allowed to lag, for tho eider Bascom said he had reason to believe the lad was in this city or vicinity. Well, to make a long story short, one day last week the pólice " spotted " a youth and sent on for the father. He came. The youth was the one desired. The meeting of the two, we are told, drew tears from all witnesses, and our pólice are not over sensitivo in that direction, either. A happy reconciliation was effectcd, but tho old gentleman did all the conceding. The boy went home with his father last Monday, but he gained his point, and as soon as he can establish himself in a good business- for which the father furnishes the funds- there will probably be such a a person as Mrs. Geo. Bascom. Policeman Millman and Porter ara entitled to much credit for thetr excellent services rendered in the affair. So boys stick to y our " Mary Jane," and you will (probably) come out all right.


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