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A Show Worth Seeing

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Forepauíh's (íreat hilectnc-lighteu ciroua, gigaotic .menagerie and trained wild bea8t show is coming to Ann Arbor, October 4th. It is tibe Crst show of the kind that has been witihin our sacred preoincts for a long time, and consoquently the crowd will be immense. The uioaagerie cïhibitioü ia unusually fine and complete. Alierd of depilante, a hippopotamus, the only giraffe in the country, a den of inagnificent specimens of lions, a white yak, a massive rhinoceros, sea lion, zebra, and a multitude of other attractions perhaps not lesa wortliy of mention, are conveniently displayed. Of' the show in Dotroit, the Post and Tribune says: "fcfous. Loyal, who is announced as the "human cannon ball," was actunlly shot Itam a cannon. The gun, whlch appears to be au immense sea-coast mortar, was hauled into the ring loaded with powder. Ixyal was put into the muzzle, the cannoneer llghted the ruse- bane '-and out he shot, enveloped witli flame and smoko, and sent whlrling upward where he was caught in the arms of a lady. who was hanKlng head downward from thu lofty trapeze ft was the most sensational act ever performed by any man, and, impossible as lts performance may appear, we assuro our readers that thls niaa Loyal dld lt, Just as the advertisement announced. The high wire walking of Madanio Znlla was auother startllne and spiisiitioual feature of the ring performance. Tlils intrepid llttle lady actually crosses the high wlre blind-foldcd, nul also walks across it npon stllts, wheels a barrow over the glddy road.and cardes aman upon her shoulders as she traverses the aerial roadWA11 the raammothpavillionsare illumlnated by the newand wonderful clectrlc light whlch turns nlght Into day. The proprletor has expended ïüu.UUO In procuring.tne necessary maóhluery to produce these electrical llluininatlons."


Ann Arbor Courier
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