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Magazine oticcs. Tho October Atlantic bas no serial story, bnt tnstead Klvcs oni long short story aallM "A Floreutlue Experiment," by Constance Fenlmoro Woolson, and iinother, '¦Dcodand," by . 11. bishop, tiiitlior of "Dutiuuld ." Dr, Wm. James, brojher of Henry James, Jr wrlles a very interestiiiK artlclo on 'Oreat Men, Great Thoughts. and tho Environment." 'Soctalls tic and olluT assassinatlons," by. lames Heiiry Haynl, brlngs together many curloua facts for wlm sludv social phcnoraena. Tho second part of the "Intímate Lifo of a Noble Germán Furolly" givos iui Interrstlng lnaight lnto the llves and ideas of tbehlghcr claase of Germans. The "Tlnmintyinnnoi i Washington," thls time relate to President Tylers admlnlstratlon. Klrhiird Qrani Wlilte dlvr of the prevalent hablt ol 'drinkiui; in Kngland, termlng lt "A National Vioe." The poïlllcal artlcle disensses the Husinevs Issues of the PreHidi'iitlal Ganvaw." People of a New Knglund Kactory Vlllage' Is a paper of senalne Interest Mr. Wblttler has a oharacteristlc poem. "The Minlstir's DaSghter." Mr. Alrtrlcb contributes a short poem, 'Conu dy,"and there are also poeius ly Robcrt I.ouis sirsiiison Helen Ilnrron Biistwlck. I. Oppenhi-im and Francia Ekln Alllson. The Contrlbutors' Club conialns sevi'ral brlht litlh essays. Lippiucott's for October opens wllh 'A Chapter of American Exploratlon," by Wllllam H. Uldting, describinir the perllous Jonrney of Major Power and hls party ïhrough the wonderful canons of Colorado, with numerous ilustratlons. "Seven Weeks a Mlsslonsry," by Loula Cofllin Joues. Is a n;iratlveof somecurlousexperieiKi's m the lsland oí Hawall. A paper on "'Amerlcans Abrond," by Alalue Gore, holds up to ridicule the general tonde.ncy of oor conntrymeti, nd moro es)H clally of ouroountry women, whether travellug or resident in Europe, to deprecíate the custorus and inanners of tlielr natlve land and admire evei vthing forelgn. Mis. lln Campbell doses her "Studies In the Slums," with a piitbolle Uttlo story in reul lifo. and I-. JLejuno onmpIcteK, in a secoud paper, his panorainksurvey of the hisiory and characferistics of "Horse-rncinij In Kranrp." "Gllnipses of Portugal and the Portuguese" Is an admlrahly written and well illustrated article. Mra. Hoo]er glves an account of the great French tenor. Koger, with extracta from hls dlary contalnlng anecdotes of Jenny Llnd. The serial, "Adam iind Eve," lias reached an excliiix crisis. There are several short storles. one of ihem by -üuida," nnems by Philip Barke Mnrslou and Dora Reed Goodale. and tho usual Yurtety of short papers in the'-Mouthly Gosslp" and '-Literature of tlie Day."


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