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Worthless Stuff. Not so fast niy friend ; f you could see the stronc, healthy, blooming men, women and children that have been raised from beds of sickness, suffering and almost deatb, by the use of flop Bitters, you would say "glorious and invaluable remedy. " See other column. - Pliiladelphia Press. Phjteicians claim Hop and Malt Bitters are the best. Tkkmpeleaü, Wis., May 1, 1880. I am taking Kidney Wort und find it to be all that it is recommendcd. HKV. N, COOK. Tkmpx.e Mill, Fi.oiuda, Maiili iitli, 18S0. 1 am empjoyed in gettioé ut timber, and my work is very hard, choppin, lifting and wadhitf in the water a good deal. It broujilit on Kidney couiplaint and rheumatisin, for wliioli I liave been takiiifr Kidney-Wort with great bonefit. It is the only patent medicino I bave ever taken which I can recommcnd, whicli I have done to many liere and to the druijri-ts in towo. a. B. burh. Aruied lo the Tcctli Is a. very common expression, but we think that arnied to embelli.-h and preserve thetu to a ripe oíd age is decidedly more appropriate. This can be done by keepiDjr yourself supplied with a bottl." of that .-.plendid dentifrice, Fr;igrant SOZODONT, whieh will beautify the teeth and preserve them from the ravages of decay. SOZÜDüNT contains no acids or gritty substanees which injuro the enamel, but is componed of rare and autiseptic herbs, which havo a beneficial effect on the whole economy of the tuouth. Sold by druggists. 1002-1005 Agents and tnnvasscrs Make from $25 to $50 per week selling goods for E. C. Rideout & Co., 10 Barclay street, New York. Sond for their catalogue and terms. 1000 1052. Wash Blues are often poisonous. AmkrICAN Ball-Blue is warranted pure, harmless and efficiënt. Try it and you will want no other. Bucklen's Árnica Salve. The Best Salve in the world for Cuts, Uruises, Sores, Ulsers, Salt Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains, Corns and all kinds of' Skin Eruptions. This Salve is warranted to give perfect satisfactinn in every case or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For sale by Eberbach & Son. Ann Arbor. 1002-1034 PH yon aro amanwj FlfyoñiiiaH BB ofimMiifts.wtMk BBW nrnn of B)B ¦ enctl by ihv train ef BBT ters tollina over inidB your datief BV niht work, tu BJ B ítlmulaats and uso ¦ƒ torebrainm-iveaud BJ ¦ Hop Bitters. ¦wasu-, um Hop B. If 7011 arO younff and H mfTerintr f rom any IndiAcrt'tlun or dissipa ¦ tion ; if ym ín marrictl or f-iniíli-. ulü orl younír, sulfcriiiK froni poorhcalth or lantniitibHIn vn a bt_d ot sickneiu, niy oa H o pH Bitters. Whorver y 00 are, V4b Thousands dio anwhoncver you fet-l 01 .1 nually f rom tome that your fyhtem ly fona oí Kfdney iK-cdi cltaiislnr, {Zyi1ín as" '1!lt ""K1'1 iükT or ítnniiiaiiiijr, B m hnve Lxon preenttd withoutíníoxjV'iíni;, IV 3 bj o. tiiucly ur uf talco Hop LIa HopBItters Bitters. Hve 70a Kjfl ËKVv paíní, diseosoBB Is an absolute o!cl, bíoodlUU III Ir 'íilciure íl" I in-erorm-nram] 11U ¦ nu'' ¦''lSB, ¦ „ , , ,tbo of opiuni, ¦ Yon will Dcrpa niTTrnn tobáceo, or B Hop Bitters K m Uyouftn-sim-HljUI1 ' UIIU SoMbydru. B plr wijik aiiiil jJ ..rwrn 1 rits. s. { foirpWt.-l.try If I NEVER titular, iít ít ma(,n .. HorBirraw I ave your ¦ Lh I " I has ¦ lAIL "ru coSaved hUn-IS Bocbotrr, !. T. ¦ 1WS-KMD c e ni TUTTS PILLS! symptomsfT torpid uver.. Losa of Appetit;, Nguaea, bowelacostivo, the back port. Puin uiidortho .sliouldcr blade tulJnes3 aller eatmu. withTcCsíñ tiojnjodyürmmtrrF tahil lëmpTrLowspints, JLoaT meinor? 'itfailioolingothiivingnfigTectei - - -i-t - 1 ¦ it -. vi'rir, .,ii.-rli'ïirtTDotspcïorêtTïëyêa [eadache, HeatlesBnëgaat SJgntigEIycoTöTctnKinëT"" " LT THESE WAKNINGS ARE ÜNHEEDED SERIOUS DISEASES WILL SOON BE DEVELOPEft TUTT'S PILLS aro rsperiiilly luiapi i 1 10 urh rafh, oiioloso iit-rlswiicli u chniiKe ol (fclinw lis 1' nHiimili tin' wnirercr. A Noted Divine says. Dr. TUTT :- DoarSir: Forten ycar Ihave hM a martyr to Dypepsia, (Vinstipation nuil Pllai, Laat SprioftyourPilIs wi-rcm-oHiinrtiüed ; I v.-iil them. I um ii'iw ii wi-Uotun.liayi-' tcotxl avi'f'ite, iligONf hui iwrfoci, regular Rtonls, j.ilen t-ouv, txml hiwesninod Jrty potmaa il'-hTli'-y ii u ort li t li -n vr-ufhf m old Rkv . R 1 , f S I M I'SOV, T 5r!ffi,I&; Thoy IurrruNO tbc Apprtitt, umi CftQM tho body to TuUp 11 FI-ni, tttiiH tht' pystrin is nourÍHhrd, oud by thtirTonic Action on tho Digestivo Ortíims, jí mullir Sloolnre pi"Oduced. Tri' i? 25 ¦¦mIk. 3ö Blnrrn.y St., N. Y. TUTT'S HAIR DYE. Oray II. mh on Wbiskï:rs chuased to n í.i.oksv i Itl.AOK bjrt. sinclo applK.iliuii l ÜubDyK. U i ' narta a Nat urn f 4. Jolt r. a t IiibtAntnntíOiihly. Soid 1 hy rnik'Kis(K, er m-nt by expresa on n-c-eipt of $1 Office, 35 Murray St., New York. ] , 1054-1005 j .M:lllllllli-l II! IT Of ECU 10W AID FAESSüES BOILERS i of til kinds, SUOKE PIPES, and all Shoot Iron Work o 214, 216, 21R Conpri'is St. West, ƒ iHinD BÏL;",H ,,., Detroit, -Mich., 'i Epii:l:e ion. Slrtta ui BtUir Flato for ZO. ] 98MÜ07 U


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