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Great Forepaugh Show

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líniversally Aflmittefl tote the Laraest Tente 1 Exbibition in the Worlfl. SIXTEENTH ANNUAL TOUR OF THE FIRËDFROMTHECANNON. vTVwmJF Will revisit and exhibit, aftcrnoon and evening, at Ai ARBOR, 1IMT, OGTOBBR 4 . i CRE AT CIRCUS ZIT 2 RX1TCS, 1OO PERFORMERS, GIGANTIC MENAGERIE 800 RARE ANIMALS, STUPENDOÜS TRAINED WILD BEAST SHOW lpjhb rïö mhhmI ipivfi s HIPPOPOTAMUS, MONSTER RHINOCEROS, TRAINED GIRAFFES, Arctic Ocean Sea Lions, Performing Liong, Tigers, Bovines, Bisons, Carrier I'igeons, Discipltned Moose, Great Troop of Trained Stallions, Horses Leaping Througli Fire, Living Wondere From Everywhere, Indians, Kafflrs and Hottentots. GRAND FREE BALLOON ASCENSIONS EVKRY KXHIBITION DAY. Only Exhlbition Using the New and Wonderful EDISCXNT ELECTRIC LIGHT, rtequiring a 50-horse high pressuru engino to produce the same. ft. HUMAN BEING FIRED FROM A MONSTeIrcANNON, ,oadl Ui ponder, and Bent wliirling throiigli spuce and caught by a lady iMinlajt i.ail dowawajd on tlic lofty trapeze. This wwider-moving f eat performed at each ' libittofl by Mons. Loyal, the "huinan cannon ball." Appearance of the only Femalc iloiidiii, 'lie Ella Zulla, ho crosses the high wire, 60 feet above the benda of the 7 iidiiMicc, l)]iiidii)lil(i umi witli her feet encased in sacks. Mammoth I'uvilions holdng ten tliousand spectators. The entirc show tmnsported on my own ïhree Great - Hailway Trains. Behold the monster. eí-FIÍEE POE ALL STIRIEIEa? PBOCESSIOIT. By this wc prove tlrnt the Great Forepaugh Show is the Qreatest of all Great Shows. x l start! froin the show ground every exliibition day, bctween the liours (rf 8 and 10 S cl(x;k a. m. H LDMISSION 50 CENTS. CHILDREN ÜNDER 9 YEARS 25 CENTS. 8 o ixliibitions eveiy day; iirst at 2:30, second at S p. m. Pavilions open one hour ] reyious. Excursión Trains and redueed rates on all railroads on the day oí on. See bilis for details. ADAM FOREPAUCH, Sole Prop. 'e


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