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The Campaign Of 1880

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Krom the Lansing Republican. In Imitation of Juvtnai. Satire II. When demagogues their moral lectures read, I.oyal in word nut traitorous in deed, The'r Ups are venal as their vtnal pen, The living" ghosts and se Iv ages of men ; When northern recreants, devoid oí" shamc, Adopt but to debase fair Freedom's name ; When English chinks in grecdy ears a pursc That bnasts a doublé record, - none c're worse; When Tarquín Hancock leads the rebel van. And still proclaims himself a loyal man ; Hather than once submit and tatnely bear Such slghts to see and breathe such tainted air. Oh I I could fly with fierce, indignant oul Beyond Alaska and the frozen pole ! He should be températe that denounces rum ; He bold, who cowards drives with beat of drum ; He lair, and well proportioned, to deridc His neighbor's crooked lei; and swarthy hidc Who from a vitreous editice throws stones Escapes not broken panes and broken boncs. The golden age is gone, the silver too, The iron mixed with clay recedes from view. Another era tiawns- not far to scck( Tis with democracy the age of ciikhk ! Kor who can hear unmoved, without disdaín, A rebel house, of taxes loud coniplain? Who listen, while u rebel senate pratcs Of ballots t'aisiticd and stolen states? Who would not swear no modesty was left When Wood"corruption"howls aiul Tilden "theft?" When Barnum brays of ''i'raud ." and Davis timU No. place for jus tice but in rebel Unes; When careless Hampton, Lee and Jackson quotcs, And tïnds next day he spoke without his notes, When Julián, Trumbull, and some half a score, Whose hands are empty and whosc head ire sore, Give their own words and their own votes the lie And talk the loudest of consistency ; When Thurman still of wisdom makes his brags, And for a baby shows some dirty rags ; When modest Hendricks. Tilden leaves too late, And finds as norninee do better fate ; When Butler, too, that most prodigious beast, Whose heads are seven, and ten hm horns at least, Talks everythïng by turn, and nothing long, And ends his circuit like a worn-out song; With leaders such, what must the party be But just the same unwashed fraternity, Who Bourbon-like will reach their la test hour And find oppression never ends in power? Or il not all, as wc were taught at school, The rare exception only proves the rule. Oh, that our young republic knew its day. And to a solïd south would boldly say, Tis time this íoolish farce shouluendl Ilenceforth Put those on guard who know a Nations worth. Ye sons of martyrs, from their myriatl graves ( ), hc;ir tliem cali, nor :t#:m be stKTVa On I that our pulpit, as in lays gone by, Would speak like thundcr from an angry sky; Wou!d hurl its lightning on each guiliy head, Until the new-born tyranny is dead 1 Duinb dogs that cannot bark are the?, indeed, WIm see the coming wolf, but take no heed.


Ann Arbor Courier
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