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The Farwell Register is writiug up the rincipal farmers of Claro county, Riving each a good puff. Kditm I IuMiti is hlinsnlf engaged in clearing up a farm. The South Lyon Sentinel has been sold y A. J. Little, to W. H. Hess, of the "iorthville Record, who will conduct both sheets, with Wm. B. McCoy as editor of the Sentinel. A person had to either stand on hia head o read the inside of the last Iiulay City rlerald, or else lie down in front of a mirror and read the reflection. He might hough, after readingthe first side turn the aper bottotn end upperruost and finish the other side. The Bancroft Sentinel, a fivejcoluran folio, comes to us with a request to "X." The proprietor is Mr. A. J. Little, '.formerly of he South Lyon Sentinel. If be succeeds as well at Bancroft as he did at South Lyon, ie will do well, and the people may congratúlate themselves upon the acquisition. The Plymouth department man of the Wayne Co. Review, has been tempted by woman and apples, and, feil. He thinks, lowever, that he is uut the first one, and 'urthermore asserts that nature never inntended him for a fruit gatherer. The aristocratie sentitnents of Mr. Engof the l'ontiac Gazette : "No more oppressive or rapacious land shark lives to-day on the American continent than Bill English, of Indiana, daniocratic candidate for vice-president. The cries of the poor, of the widows and orphans, whom this cold blooded aristoorat has dearived of their homes and turned out upon ;he highways to starve, ascend to heayen rom hundreds of towns in Indiana calling down vengeance upon his head." The Three Rivers Tribune sces other republics in the near future : ''The growiDg spirit of liberty is manifesting itself in Norway, where the Storth;ng (parliament) has, by a large majority, lenied the King's right of veto, and the Norwegian press is agitating for the repeal of the act of union and for the establishment of a Norwegian republic. The Swedish joumals think the honor of Sweden is involved and that strong restraining measures shonld be used if necessary. The spirit of self government is contagious." The St. Joseph Co. Kepublican thinks a little " larnin' " wouldn't come amis down in Maioe : "The political parties in the State of Maine should be sent to school long enough to learn to spcll tbc names of their candidates for offioe, certainly. Therc were f,470 ballotswith the name of Morris M. Plaisted, the greenback candidato for Rovernor, iuiproperly spelled, and 175 mistakes of the same kind with the republican candidate. These mistakes may cause soine trouble in the count, though the advaatage is on the demooratio or fusión sidu, the republicann will not settle it a la Garcelon style."


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