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It's our time to rejoioe now. A solid south is met as it should be, by a Bolid nortli. Don't you believe that Mainc feels sick at the way she acted u'p? It is too bad there isn't a few more states to come in before the general election. " Hold tbc fort," for Garfield's coming. Didn't you hear the boom from Ohio and the thumhr from Indiana? A Now Haiupshire veteran refuses to voti' for hi old commander, Hancock, as lie don't waut to vote against his wooden leg. "Girl-," says the New York Commercial Advertiser, "don't marry a Hancock and English man, he will be sure to want a change. ' ' " Hancock- the brave hero of Gettysburg."- Dan Voorhees, 1880. " Hancock- one of Lincoln's doga."- Po Voorhees, 1861. One sensible democrat up at Grand Traverse. H. C. McFarlan was nominated for the legislature, by his party, but refusod io be imiuolated. The uiystio figures "329" is said to be the size corset which Hancock woars. They are numbered according to the weight of the person wearing them. Because of n scrious afiFection of the throat Senator Blaine has been obliged to cancel all his appointtuents to speak. He has spoken so tïequently in the open air that his physicians hve ordered a rest. That was not a bad sentiaient, at a veteran's reunión iu Connecticut, "The Boys in Blue- may they never turn Gray." ni . ... .: i „:ll 1 - f -LMnllrt in the democratie papers and iilustrated with wood cuts. That 90,000 majority in Alabama, and 65,000 in Ark;ins;is, and about the same in Georgia, did a great dual for the republicaus in Oliio nnd Indiana. It was the best soit of an argument to BM with sensible men. The chainnan of the greenback state commiuee, Gen. Inues, of Grand Ilapids, looks upon Michigan as a doubtful state. Perhaps it is doubtful whether the democrats and greenbackers will know they had any candi dates in the field. Ton thousand female Mormon voters in ITtAh raisñ a nhont of triumnh and sine pajans in praise of the supretne court, whioh bas just deoided in favor of their franchise. Governor Murray and the gentilo officials are correspondingly cast down. The suui of tl 6,000 has been paid tothe daughter of ex President Zachaiy Taylor, by tho soorctary of the treasury, that amount bcing the balance of salary wliicli he would have drawn had he lived to servo out bis term of office. Congress passed tho act authorizing it. The qucstion is being seriously entertained of adopting a part of England's strict law respecting the starting of railroad trains. That portion which prohibits people froni jumping aboard trains after they have started, wuuld bo espeoially beneficial to tbia country. The cattle shedn at Mt. Sterling, 111., were burned last Sitturday, and 1,400 head of cattle confined in them, 1,100 head were roasted alive. Thi.s is not the first instance of' the kind noted thi.s seaeon. Ought there not to be sotne means taken to prevent 8uoh horrible accidenta. The pronunciamento of the liquor dealers says that F. M. Holloway, democratie candidate for governor, is "inevery vay favorable to our cause," and that E. EI. Thompson, cindidate for lieatcnant governor, has"suoh a record that the trado can fully rely on his sympathy and support." Oleomargarine ahipments to foreign ports are on the inorease. The butter exporta from Now York for last year were only a little over 31,000,000 pounds, whilo tbe olemargarine shipinents amounted to almo.'t 20,000,000 pounds, the valuo of the latter being eftimatcd at ncarly half that of the former. The acme of journalisin has boen reaohod by a correspondent of a Harrisburg, Pa., newspaper. He was an expert at ferreting out and reporting burglaries, robberies, etc., and at last. he gave the minute par ticulars of a robbery before the gentleman robbed had yot discovered it, and thus "gave hitnself dead away." He iso't at libi'rty to roport any more. " I will teil you who I thiuk the republicana should nominate, and who I eonsider their strongest man ! he is a true man, a man of principie, an honest man, . and would make a good president for us all. Personally, I consider hini the best man you could nominate. I refer to James A. Qarfield."- Thomas A. Hendricks previous to the Chicago convention. The bell punch has been brought into service in California to aid in securing a free ballot and fair count. There has been invented by a oititcn of that state a ballotbox which has a bell and dial attached. When a ballot is deposited the bell rings ani the diiil indicates the nuinber of the vote. Canvassers aru wanted to introduce this patent ballot-box into Alahunm :unl other parts of the South. A frightful railway oollllton at l'itt,burKh, Pa., oecurred Inst Saturday. Oi.e excursión (rain ran into another, in.-tantly killing '11 pople; scriously wcmndint! 10 others, twiditm DttmerMM mnwr injuries. Another acciJent ooourrod on the N. Y. k N. Kngland U.K. near Willmaftic, Ct, on theOth inst., kiiling tlie fírcinen and engineers of botli trains, but no pAMenger. " I bolievo finuly in Gcucral Gmíiold's personal integlity, and I b iflö niy j ídgment apon un minute knnwle ¦Ij.'u "f liis private walk and oooveraiüon. InMIcclually lio í-h llie Stnmgtet í a' d inorally he is tlie cqual of any man in liis party. With regard to tlie ocilit niobilicr transaotion, General öarfipld' handí were clean, as he always has keptthrm." - Judjjo Jere 8. Black, forcinostdemocrat in tlie United States. A laigc numbcr of promiuent eitizins of VVisoon.sin, herotot'ore deuioerats, havo dcelarcd tlieir intention of rapporting the republiuan national ticket. Auiong theni may be nauied the following Erom the eity of Racine, alone: Hon. 1'. Gr. ('lieve-, Col. Phil Frey, Aid. R. P. Jones, Thomas Dieken-on, A. P. Dutton, j. EL Lewia, Williaui Bauniann, Judge A. C. Allen, fortuirly of Walworth county and uiany other prominent business men and capitalista. Every time a hot-blooded southerner challenges and kills sotuo reP68toble man, the word goes forth that popular indignation against the barbarous practioe of dueling is so great that the laws against it will Burely thereafter be enforced. But the spasm of civihzation soon dies out, and the oíd brutal tnethod of settling difficmltios is again and again resorted to. Will the Eouthcrn people ever beconie as the northern people? or ever advance in the hcale of civiüzation? Judjre Brennan, of Sioux City, an Irishman who has hitherto acted with the democrtio party, and who is probably the leading Irish nationalist of this country, has publicly announced bil intention to vote for Gen. Garfield and the whole repullican ticket. He is opposed to free trade and wants suitable taiiff legislation, which he says can be secured through the republioan party. Judge Brennan appeals to Iriah demócrata throughout the couutry to vote for Gen. Garfield. Hi.s appeal ahould not go unheeded.


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