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The Ann Arbor Courier

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' FRTDAY, OCTOBKR 15, 1880. ClonliiX und Opening of ülalls. Mali leavlng Anu Arbor, Kast and West, wlll close ifoUows: OOIHQ WICHT. rhrougn ;'inl Way Muil 10:50 Wiy Mail between Aun Arbor and 1 m'kKoii 4:50 p. mi. NigUt Mail - ftW ni. I1OINU BAST. Thmueti and VVay Mali, Nlght Iilne,6:0C a. m. iliroiiüli umi Way Mail, Sunday and M.nuUiy, cloaos Saturday and Sund iy uittilt - k00 mriVimti) umi Way Mali 10:25 a. m., 4:50 p. m. HOI NU SOUTll. YDSilanti aiul llnuker's l'ouoh „..7:00 a. m. filedodnd Way 11:10 n. ui. ern MalU dlstrlbuted at 8 a. m., 12 m. and 6-2Ü p. UI. VV esteru Mali dlstrlbuted at 8 a. m. and 6:20 Pl'acksDn Mali and Way Mali between Jack¦nn and Ann Arbor distrlbuted at 11:15 a. ia. Monroe and Adrlaii poiu-h, lif.l.'i a. m. The muil ti V litlinoro Lake, Hamburg and V( islor leave Tuesdays, Thursdays andSataidaya at u a. m. Travelera' Gulde. Train irlve nul depart from the Mlcnlgan (.vniral Uepot lu i!ns city as (ullows: TKAIN8 KAST. Atlantic Exprass Ï.OB 8. m. NlilitEPre8S o., m. HCalanift) Acoommodatlon S.40 a. m. Grand ltaptda Expres 10.35 a. m. DavKxpress 5.OT p. in. Mali 5.p.m. TBAIN8 WB3T. Kan 8.40 a. m. pay kxprem ll.OOa.m. UrandRaplds Eiprens 52 p. m. Jackson Kxprc.SH 7.35 p. m. Evenlng Express 10.00 p. m. PMlflc Kxpress 11.17 p. m. Local Paoseuger 5.18 a.m. AU train are run by Chlcao time. whloh lg flfteen minute Blower than Ann Arbor time. KrlendH ot The t'ourier, rho have baHlufHH at the Probate Court. wlll iili'a-.' r'iiu'Ht .1 llarrluiun to ieinl rlicir l'rintiiiic t thle offloc.


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