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Temperance Resolutions

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The following resolutions, respeeting the assertion lh:it the agricultural society must turn its grounds iuto a saloon in order to make their aiinuul exliibition pay, were passed at a reuent meeting of the Washtenaw county temporáneo association : Whereas, The editor of the Aun Arbor Argus has uuder date of' Ootober 8, JSo, seeu fit to publish in his paper the followïng editorial statement, to wit : " It a Tact tbat a large element of the cltizens of Wusliti-imw couuty wil] nol atlend a fair uulfs-s tbey eau procure what they deftire, viz.: i.ei . And too they are araong our mout ttirit'ty and honorable peoplu, mauy of them notgolug nay irom home more than a few times durtng the year. Wlien they Uo, however, they will obtaln their favorito drink, and lf not able to do no wlll keep away from fairs. The absence of the Uerinau fariuing element of the couuty was noticeable. The managers havu reached the conclusión that fairs cannot be now huccessfully on prohibltlon principies. Temperance Is wt-Jl enough in lts place, but lf peoplo are lnvlted to au entertainment they will not go unlesa they are able to procure what they want." Resolved, That the above statement is an insult to the Otiiteoa of' Wasbtonaw county, f'or if true, it is an injurious and shanieful f'act which public deceney demanda shouid be concealod. But wu declare the statement as falso as it is insultiag, and one whieh shouid be reented by the citizens of this county. The above statement would show to the world that the people of this county are uuder the domination of tho liquor power, and so hopelcssly in bundage to beer drinking, that without an opportuuity to drink this detestable beverage, they will not support au agricultural fair in the county. This statement is in fact a deolaration that the farmers of this section put bcec drinking before the raising of cattle and horses, bofore tho producing of fine fruits and vegetables, before the various producís of industry and oiviüzation. The statement is unworthy the inhabitants of this great country, and a disgrace to the paper in which it was published. We can point witn pridc to tho fact that, through the heroio exertiqns of tue friendo of the Women's Christian Tomperance Union the grounds of our late fair were kapt clear of the presence of iatoxicating drinkt), and no one had reason to coinplain of' drunkness or brawling. If the receipts of the fair feil off, it was due to other reasons than the fact that temperance prevailed. The unusually unpleasantweather which prevailed, had much to do with this result. We trust that the statements of this editor regarding the oonolusions reaehed by the managers, are without warrant, and that we may be saved from having our fair.s, in the future, run in the interest of liquor sellers. A careful exatnination of the reports of our county fair siuce itfi organization shows tbat the failure to pay expenses the present year is bot one of several such results oocurring in previous yearn, and cannot be justly chargeable to the attempt tbat has been made to make our annual gathoring of the people nleasant as Wüll as profitable. ['resiüení. Secretary.


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