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Correspondence of the Coirier. I ,l :n, Lincoln Co., I Sonthern Dakota, Sept. 30, 188U. ( Editor Aun Arbor Courier : - Perhaps you are wondering what hasbecome ofmo, the last two weeks or more, so I drop you this. As you see by the beading, I am in the land of rolling prairies, " where the zephyrs play," and an immense country it is. Lots of room here without elbowing your neighbor. No moving of line fences six inohes or more, as in Michigan - mainly because there isn't any to move, and becnuso there are miles and miles of land waiting the plow. Land is worth $2} to $4} per acre, from second bands, or cap be taken from the government by three ways ; homestead act, soldiere act, or free claim, each a quarter section. The bo!1 is excellent. Location direct west from Milwaukce, and thcy are raisiog as good oom as in Michigan, and I see no reason why thcy can't raise fruit s soou as the wind breaks are sufficiently largo and strong enough to protect the young treea. The market hore ia good, being in direct cuonection with Milwaukcu and Chicago. At Dubuque, Iow, a city no largor than Ann Arbor, they have atreet cars, and are using a steam aiotor to draw the cars up the bluff, au elevatioo of 175 teet. The oar used is an ordinary street car, and the motor looks like half of one with an upright boiler io the center, and piston conncciion below platform. It il vory powerful and will stop short and start on the steepest grade. The easteru part of Inwa is quite rolling. The central portion has a goud many marshy apota. The western is vury fine, especially arouod Leorin lukc. Will write up Sioux Falla in my next. Ml


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