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A Blind Man Climbs Mont Blane

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F. J. Campbell, a büml man, giyes in the Ijondon Times tho followingdeseription of his ascrnt of Mont Blano: "In company with my son, witli Benoit as my leading guide, I attacked Mout BImMi At first the guides expected to drag me up, but I gave them their choice to leave me to cliinb in my own way or give up the undertaking. I was resolved to mako an honest climb or give ui the aseent. I took my place on the rope in the ordmary way, except that the distanoe between my son and uiyself was only a few feet. Tbis enabled me to follow his foot steps closely, and in such places as the very dangerous crevasse near the grand plateau we moved in iiuinediate succession. Kor instance, before he would take the fingers of his right hand out of the hole which had been cut in the ice wall tbr that purpose, my left hand would touch his right hand to be ready to occupy the hole as soon as he relinquished it. With the cxception of putting very excellent stejis rbr me, tbe guides during the ascent did hot assist me in any way. Besides carrying a .-trom.' alpenstock, I always take with me in difficult olimos a short walking-stick, which I often use in my right hand as an indicator, and to show the skill which it is poadbtl to attain in this way, I may mention that I did not miss a single step in the entire ascent. When I reached the suniuiit, Benoit exclaimed, " VVelcome to the sumniit of Mont Blanc. 5fou are the first and the last blind gentleman who will ever stand upon this tho highest point in Sarape." But my mind was busy. PMUDg froni peak to peak, I went round tho entire oircle, dwelling on many favorito summita. They had all Leen carefully studied, and each in its turn brought some new witigod hope fbr the future. It was verycold, and the guides soon reminded us that we must begin the descent. We made the descent from ths summit to the Grand Mulets in three hours and thirty minutes."


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