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Physical Endurance Of Women

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A correspondent traveling through the oast writes at length of the work that s done by fceuiingly slender and f'rail woinen, wbo at the .-ame time keep up with evento ni' the day, have well cultivated minds aod are an ornament to any parlor. He saya that he has in mitid siz of these women. Even those not travelers can cali to mind scores of wenien who do their own work, take care oí a large family, and at the same time cultívate sonie especial talent, as that of niusic or painting. The traveler cites the case of his landlady, who made all the pastry with her own hand, and says : " Now when you learn that every day we had five different kinds of pies, bosides a pudding of some sort, and that there were never less than twenty-five and often nearer forty people at table, and you may form some idea of, the work she had to do. Yet when she took her scat at table, often with the guests, you eould not have disünguifhod her from the city ladies who sat near her. This same pie-maker had been the leading spirit in a suceessf'ul movement to get up a town library of some 1,500 well-selccted volumes, and on the days when it was opened to the public assisted her niece in discharging the duties of librarían. The lady who so traDquilly went back and forth between the dining-room and the kitchen, though not herself literary, was the sister of an auihoress of some distinction in the porth. Half a dozen or more of her books. in prose and verse, were on the snelves of the etagorie in the parlor. And even the lady who did the flituily washing complained, while playing on the organ, that on Monday nightsher fingere werealways stiff, and that she never feit in the humor for singing. She has an uneotnmonly good voice, whiuh bas been fairly well trained. lier house is f uil of pictures, her porohes :ind Windows are adorued by a great variety of pretty flowers, and she has an aviary of twenty or more canaries, be.-ides an aquarium.


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