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A Hotel At Rugby

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Thos. Hughes is writing some interesting letters from the Tcnncssee llugby, which ia rapidly developing into a conditiüD of civilization. Of the hotel, wliich is nearly couipleted, built op a knoll ín the foreet. he writes : "It is a sightly building, with deep veraodahs prettily latticed, frotu which one geta gliuipses through the trees of magnificent ranges of blue, forest-covered mountaios. We have nauied it the Tul. ud, at the suggestion of one of our American members, who, being in when the old Southwark hostelry from which tho Canterbury pilgritns started was brokon up, and the materials sold by auction, to make rootn íor a hop store, bought sonie of the old banisters, which he has reverently kept till now. They will be put up in the hall of the new Tabard, and marked with a brass-plate and an inscription, telling, I trust, to ruany generations of the place from which they came. The Tabard, when finished, as it will be in a few days, will lodgo souie 50 gueats ; and, in spite of the absence of aleoholio driuks, has every chanct;, if jiresent indicatiin.s can be trusted, of harboring aod sending out as cheery pilgrimaas followed the Miller and the llost, and told tbeir worldfumous .stories 5Ü5 years ago."


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