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Begged The Pardon Of Both

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Kowland I lili was always annoyed wlicn there happened to be any noi.-e in the i ¦li;ipcl, or wlicn anything occurred to divert the attention of his hearers trom wliat he was saying. On one occasion, a few days befoie his death, be was preaching to one of the most orowded congrepations that ever asserobled to hear him. In tlie nudillo of his discourse heobi-ervcd a coiuuiotion in the gallary. For soine time he took DO notïoe of ii, Imt findinir it increasing hc ii.uiscil in hin 8eruion, and Inokini; in tlie direction in which the confusión provailud, he exolaimed : " VVLat's the m;itter there ? The devil scems to'have ot amongyou. " A plain, countrylooking man iinmediulely starled to his fret, and kddr6MJng Mr. Hul in rcply, Miiil : " Ni), sir, it arn't tlie devil au is doing il ; it's a int lady wot's fainled; and she's a werry fat 'uu, .-ir, as don I sciin likely to come to anin In a hurry." "Ob, tnat'a it, is it '! " obaerved Mr. Uil', drawing his band wSroM hi ohin; "theo I beg the lady s pardon and the devil's, too."


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