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The fbllowing real estáte sales have been recorded in the register's office since our last report : WARBANTY. Talrick Hoy to Mary Horrigan, lot 8, b 39 Dexter vlllage $ 300 Bonea 1. Dulbue to J. V. Dulbee, 20 acres, sec 11, Augusta - 400 J, G. Lapham to Geo. B Sherwood. property In the villRge of Manchester 4.50 Clinton EL Feik to Kllzabeth Allen, Iota 1 and 4, A. C. Torroy's additlon, village of Manchester 650 F. M. üakley to W. M. Culver, land in York 2,000 John Schneider to Oeo. Schnelder, prop.t.. L. ,iii, Arliur .... 5Lü Frauk. L. Sayler et al. to Sarah J. Wlnes, 120 acres sec. 18, Lima, 6,425 John and l'hrlstlan Eschelbaeh to Jacob C. Eschelbach, land In Freedom 400 8. N. Mercthew to David Weiland, laDd In Sharon _ 170 Adam i M't'hriiiKi'r to F. Baluineller, land In sec. 14, Freedom 4,300 Thomas Tay lor to E. A. Calklns, property In K. . smith's additlon. Aun Arbor_... S50 Edmtind K. Fi-rrls to Edlth Kockwell, land in IS, Dexter 250 K. I'. Cnpeland to W in. Warner and B. C. Whltiiker, lot 15, b. 85, Dexter 100 hxlwln Coy to Thomas Bagg, property In Dexter vlllage 600 1 lomer .Muinis toLolsF. Mlnnls, property in Ann Arbor 165 N. E. C'rlttenden and G. McGraw to Levl Iiogers, land In sec. 7, Augusta 4,000 BHaa ('. Llbbald to Jas. P. Bush, loU 9, 10, 50 and 51, b. 5, accordlng to the recorded plat of the vlllugo of Ctielsea 1,375 Mnrgiirct A. Kly to Warren Day, lot 580 Norrls' weslern addiUon, Ypsilautl. 100 lint CI.AIM 1KKI). J. E. liose to Phebe A. Kose, au undivided half interest 4(1 acres, sec 32, Augusta... 4U0 John Kern to Mmtiu mui Krederlck Kern 80 acres sec. 10, Sclo 1 Flora J. Frentón to Henry H. Preston, 100 acres sec. 21 and 211. l'lltsfleld 1 090 t. O, (rittenden to S. R. Crlttenden, 0 acres Kec. K AugusUi, 300 F. j. l'nrker to Maria Dentón. 53 acres, sec. z Augusta 136 Clin. line McMillan to Tilomas Morrison, lot 9. lliiuler's aildillon, Ypsilantl 800 W'm. A. Hiscock to D. A. Mtvtthews, property in Ypslluntl 2,000


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