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Chapped Hands

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The raw winds of late autunin oftcn produce in the hands of thoi-e who aro muob exposed to theiu that roughnesa and cracking of the skin known as chappfhg. If nothing is done to prevent, and the person is obliged to have his hands frequently wet and dried, the cracks wijl often getdeep and bc paiiitul. C'orn huskingis frequontly aceompauied by sore banda froni this cause. As büth a precauliun aud cure for chapped hands we have used (he fbllowing with benefit: Wash the hands, and the face also if it is inclined toehap, with borax water, and afterwards rub with an ointiuent made by luclting mutton tallow (or suet), and then gradually adding an equal quantity üf glyccrine, siirring tbc two together uniil cool. For the hands, tfais mixturo can be bestapplied at night, ui-ing it freely, and warming it in by the fire after which an old pair of gloves can be put on to keep the bcdclothes fronj hcing soiled, and also make the skin of the hands sofier. Ad excellent glycerídc ointment for chapped hands is tnado by melting with a gentle heat, two ounces of sweet oil of almonds, halfan ounce of spermaeeti, and one drachm of white wax. When melted, remuve from the stovr, and add gradually one ounce of elyccrine, and stir until the mixture is cold. The ointment can be scented with any perfume to suit (lie fanoy. Keep in widc-necked


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