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'I lip ll'iiitsi bik) BmI MmMcIm cht 31nh. Aoolmblnatlon of Hops, Buchu, Mnndrakle "¦' Dandellon, with m i tüe küt d nvH rmurft tlvo priM-iticn of All othrr HittiTii, ink..itleifrialcstBIOOcJ Purlfinr, Llvxr Reitulator,i"l l.iiv and Hiaith Ibuturün Aeeut onP""i" 'rtl1No dbtrfttio cLan poiwlnly lontr exlst wh'rTïop Jlitt.m re uVed,so valled uud partMC aiv Toll wlivm e%"M'l" nn'iitiinumn irn-KularltXorthiUm.liorVunnary organs, or who roqulrean AppctliV Ton'0 an.lmlld SUmulant, Hoi) BltWr are luvalV""''. Without IntOXIcatlrtK. ¦¦¦k Vo matter what your fw-llnRii or sjmptotns fcre what the diBease or allneDt Is iww Hop Illttora. Doa'twaituntUyoua%ru slok but lf you onlj foei bad or nnHirnr.l.-,llls'' f" "1 at onceIt may saro your baal8 v " d hundreda, $500 "iUbopald fora oal" thcy wlll not mire or help. Do not suffer %orletJor f rienda mffer.hut iue and unrs thi'in% '" " ' Hop B Remeiuber, Hop Bitters to nokjü". l't'Kk'-vI drunken nostrum, but the PunHt& n d Bost Medicine ever made : the "UTAUDS nUKKU and non" and no ponon or famllyW fH hould ba without thcm. ((a Pi.l.O.lün absolute and IrroHlstlble eur 1 M trnrunki'nncwi, u of opium, tobáceo andll narcotlPS. Al sold by drupririHtfl. 8ind #L .H for Circular. u; mum ir(. l1.., L ¦ÉH BojhesgjnorontiJ' H W8-1M0 c e ra W. W. BLISSTCÖ, WUOLKSAI.E AND RKTAIL TOBACCO l CIGAR HOUSE All Gooods Solí ai Detroit Prices. kgeatê for OLORE and 8BAL OF IKTliOIT tobáceo. NO. 7 EAST HURÓN STREET. WIJT UI. s HTii 1 11 Jk. v,O; corner of Woodward anl rson Ave., Detroit, Invite tlic ultenliuii of buyerxto tlieir large mul fine llection of Sterling Silvcr Ware, Frcnch ( lnU, Falenec Ware, Bronzen, ParlNlan IVovcltiCN, IMaiuoimIs, Jewelry, Watclics and Sllvcr Platcd 'Ware, cmbracins; artlelcH inowt appropriatc for Wedding Annivcrüary and Iloliday i.llis. Orders or Inquirics ij mail wlll rccelvc our prompt andeareful attcntlon. .l-u-lt-r and Importcr, corner of H Imini and Jetrerson Avenues, Detroit, 977-1029 J. A. POLHEIHUÜ' LIVERY STABLE The beet and most ex'enetvc In the city. HACK AND BUS LINE Running to all trains nlght and duy. ONLY LINE WHICH RUNS TO NIGHT TRAINS. The best hack In the city tor ladles calllnR. Orders fllll pramplly for all kind of conveyances. Particular Attenties to Orders for Funerals. Cor. Main and Cathabine Sts., AÏS ARBOR, - H l II M. V 991-1042 II ff m W Younelrea bj making mouey whin a gi.ld.-u ¦ ¦ chano Is offertd, thcrelir nlwayi keeflttc pv II nrij frora your door. Tbose wbo tlav takt U 1 I AilvADUge of the gnod chances for makln; M ) I i ¦ mullt'-v tl' re ofTervd, furlly bei-umi I wcaithy, whllê thoe wbo do not tmprove mbcIi II I I chftDea ruDjain io porerty. Wv tot umot ¦ mJMJM. meDi womun. boy nd glrb U work for ub right la thelr own loolitío. Tbe bulaeii wUI py more thu tu timen ordloarr wtgw. W ftirniih au expenilv outtlt ad all thl yon need, free. No one who ngagea faiU to luakc moncy vrj rmpiJly. You can devoto jour wholu timo to tbe work or oQly rour ipar momeoU. Pull Information and all that lé neertel ent rre. Addresa Stinson ft Co., Portland, Maloo. Hfi7-..-or1- Hops & Malt BITTERS. Ricli in the malcriáis that Nourish, InTlfror ¦te, Forlfy and Strengthen. Thcy supply Bralo, Maculr and Serre Forcé, Vigor tó the Knfpcbkil, Tone and Ktrtngth to the Kxhaurtted, Koarlslimeut to the youag and Mew Life to the aged. loilit on trjlng tfcem. All DruggUti can obuln botb froo ftad regular Míe buiüc. 1006-1057 Send for directione for 8elf-Meaaurnient. 75 Woodward Ave., and 1 Opera House Block, dktuoit, mi ii. tm-au DANDELION Dr. White'a Dandelion Alterativo, the Great Hlood Purlfler and Renovator. A npeclilc for Liver Comnlaint, BillousneuB, Chilla and Fever, Dyspoptila, Kidney Dleeaae, Rhcnmatiom and Oonntlpation of the Bowuls. Kemovee pimplea and sallowneës frum the f kin, produclng a ciear complexión. It in purely vegetable, perfectly harmless and pleasant to take. Pint boules only $1, and every bottle wurrautcd. PULMONARIA. k3? 5S for Conghs, Coldn, Asthma, Kronchititi, Croup, Whooplng Couh and Incipient ConamnpÚotí. Fifty cents ptr oottlo. Large bottli ¦! 11, and every botlle warrauted. For sale in Ann Arbor by Kburbach Jt Son, and draeeiste everywherc. 950-1010 RE-OPENED. We wish to announce that the old reliable Alhambra Dollar store, has been reopened at the old number, 92 Woodward Ave., Detroit. A cordial invitation ia extended to all to look through and examine uur new and elegant stock. New noTeltie8 received daily. 1004-20 02II1 CwKity staioo bbU. C rttav! ELEVATORS, PUMPS, PATENT RACKS and Clotlis. Jelly Pana, Cider Keeping Solutiou, wiih full "f CIDEK MILL SUPPLIES. lllusir.t(i tl calaloguq tree. Mcmiun dus pspr. Aildrc. C. O. HAMPTON, Detroit, Mioh. 988i-(Xm e o w All about mVVAO s e n d b aas 1 Jj AA5 f the CAZETTECR A CUI DE, whiuh oontalns full mformation on II matter of lDteroat rUtlng to t h " Lone Btar State," nd a new oorroot couuty map of Txas, '2b x aö Inohea JOHN ROSS l CO.. GENI GENTS. ST. LOUIS.MO


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