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IÍANGSTEBFER'S OYSTEE AND ICE CREAM PAELOBS, 30 AND 32 MAIN ST. CATERING FOR PARTIES AND BANQUETS A Sl'KCIALTY. Wwlilint; CakiM, Ico Cream, Mncurooim fnd ('nam Elá l'yniinld MAlli TO OHI1KII ON 8UOUT NOTII K. Whttman's Frcuch Candles, Frcsh Plgs, Malaga Grupos, Florida Orangea, Ac, Ac, KKPT CONHTANTLY ON HAND AT HANGSTERFERT3 30 AM) 32 MAIN STKEET. BOATS TO RENT AND POR 3ALS. ___ DW-iom 13 INSEY & SEABOLT'S BAKERY,GROCERY AHD FLOUR AND FEED STORE. Wc keep constantly on hand, BREAD, CRACKERS, CAKES, ETC, KOR WHOLKSALK AND KBTAIi, TKADK. We nliall also kuep a eupply of 8WIKT DKUBEL'S BEST WHITE WHKA7 FLODK. DELHI FLOUK, KYB FLOUK, BUCKWHBAT FLOUK, OOKN MEAL, FBBU, Ac, Ac. At wholesalc and retafl, a general stock of GROCERIES AND ll(OVIMOs constantly on hand, wblch will be aold on as readou ableterms a at any other house in the city. Canli pald for Bntter, Bgs, and Country Prodari gonoralfy. '"Goods dollvered to any part of the city witl ont extra charge, yr KIN8KY A 8KABOLT. FERDONLÜMBERYARD JAMES TOLBEHT. Prop., Manufactorer and Dealer In 8ACINAW GANG-SAWED LUMBER, LATH AND SHINGLES. We Inrltc all to give us a cali, and examine om stock before purchaelng elsewhere, ALSO AGBNT FOR JACKSON SEWER PIPE CO., AND SBLLS FIRK BR1CK. JAMES TOLBERT, Prop. T. J. KKKCH, Munt. feb.13,'79 ANTON EISELE, DEALER IN ïimn ma mimesis nj 1 I The pnblic Ib invited to cali and examine specimens of the culObrated KNOXVILLE,TENN.,MARBLE Of whlch we have a snpply or new designa. It Is superior to any marble In beauty and durahiüiy, and fakes the place of Scotch Granlte. I'ICI I LOWER I II EVER. WOIIK ALL WAltHANTKD. Shop- Cor. of Detroit and Catherine Sts. ANN AKBOK. MICHIGAN. 915tí TO AGRICULTURISTS The undersigned are now manufacturing a a salt for fertillzlng purposes that is peculiurly adapted to tho use for which it is deslgned. rt Is entlrely free frora dirt, or hard lumps, anil is made by a procesa whlch leaves incorporated In. the salt all the valuable plaut food, as well as lngredients calculated to free and render soluble the Animonla already contained in the soll. We propose to place the prlce so low that none shall be deterred frora glvlng it a fair trial. Tho use of salt for fertilizina purposes to no longer an experiment, but bas been fully proven, not only sclentlflcally and theoreüeally, hut practically, by scores of onr most successful agriculturlsts. We herewlth present the experleuce and oplnions of some of the lcadlug Farmers and dentista of thU and other coimtrles. hnplug tliat the perusal of the same may be mutualiy beuellcial. We shall continue to gather BUCO statisticw as we can on this subject, and hope each and every one wlll aid us In thls by glving ns the benefit of bis experlence. Orders and Communications may be oddresscd to either of the nndenlgned, wlm wlll furnish all neceSBary Information as to prlces, tninportatton, etc. THE MICHIGAN SALT ASSOCIATION, Kast Saglnaw, Micli. THE AMERICAN DAIRY SALT C0„ (Limited) Syracuse, N. Y. THE OHIO RIVER AND KANAWHA SALT CO,, Clnclnnatl, Ohlo. Mr. .Turnt' Tolbert, per ÍS. G. Brown, bas thls ealt for sale at the Perdón LuinUer Yard In thls city. 9H8-yr Flits' Ui The Standard of the World. ECLIPSE WINDMÍLLS The Strongest Mili Made. SAFEST TO BUY, Bocause Warranled tbe Beet, aud Warranteo la flubfltautlal. Coutaluu uil liupruveuieuta. ('ricen l.nw.-.-u - Quallty coualderad. Hund for caulufud dtitKrlbltiK artlcle wantod. FA1KBANKS, MORSE & CO., in and 113 Lake-s ¦. Chicago. 1008 1010 söooIiëwardT W will pay thu above roward for auy case of ,iver Cuniplaliit, Dyneprlii, Sick Huadachv, lmli.-ti.ui, CoiiHripullon or fotlvuiieKi wecannotcare with Wrt' Vejrotabla Liv,-r I'illx, wheo the direcionB re stririly compllid wlth. 'jiiey are purely VuL'etalilo, and nvverfall tiiülvt'Baliafiictiiin. BUgar ttvá. iMrgf iioxui, eontïlnlng 30 l'illi, 5 cnbj. 'nr ale liv all drnfrliti. lk'ware of eouqterfaltl nel InillaliuiiH. The iraDUU muiiifncturrü onlv y .ioiin 0. WK8T & CO . "Th.. PUI Makers," 1[ t is.! w. MndiKui Si., Chingo. Pre trial packw enl liv ni'ii] prepald on rccclnt of a .S cent stamn WS KM


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