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Warner'i San uñey and Uer Cure aWTcstlmmiiali of the hlghest omr i„ of tboM statement, orotrln proo( ¦UfFor the cure of Diabetes, c&ll fnr ¦er1 Nar Dlabetaa Curo. or W WTFor the euro of IlrlKht's and tv. .,. WARNER'8 SAFE BITTERS It Ij the bast Blootl Purlflcr. and ttauif!," very function to more bealthfm acu?„ 1"! Is thus o, beneflt !n all dlseaset mctlw. u4 It care SeroftUoa nd othor kin e. Mona and Dlseaua, lncluaias Cuu! vf cor, and other Sotwa. nllni Hrnbnna of the Stomah ronatl pation. IHulow. en.r?5ÍÍ,,1 Ity. etc., are cured by the sr„ Bluüifn i'. uiiequaled as an appetiwrand regular tonii ' BotUe of two si wa ; prloot, 50c" and Mu WARNER'S SAFE NERVINE Qulckjy (tlvet Beat and Jieep to the ¦uf7rh, cures Ilt-adu-ho and Meariücta, nrcvlSu KpU.pUeFlU.and relleve.HÏVüïïiï trmtlon brougbt on by eiceulre drink or work, mental shocks, and other cauies Powerftil aa II Is to stop pain and soóth. air. tnrbed Nérvea, It nrer fnjures tb syitauil wbather taken In small or larie dona Dollies of two alies ; pnces, so. and tl oo WARNER'S SAFE PILLS ' Are an Immedlate and active stimulus for a Torpla Uwr, apd cura CoitiTina, Dripjpiit au I HrTHsssnVI A loomMi, Bltlooi bl4r I sSÜMnXlisU A rh.., Mlrl, r.,,r I TWitllMiFQiTlï i bbb nd "d should I liÉBBsnlnsUUBBnB UIKMl honever the I VfWVwHSHBvB bowels do not oparate I ¦láaMUUasaS W"ssl fetil and (ularly. ¦ tj "li nik r.,Ur. nM I RTïWTTiTïTl lj " !- rr u,k H fcUaLUIlBBBl BS "orl Prl S6 U. t bi. I RmTfTllTll 13 '""rtüilHmrftan, H WÊÊÊ '¦ MI4bi ¦TVrjwktr. Ivh. JnIH.H. Warner & Co., I si JTZasPM B0CHE3TEB. N. Y. g_M Tüu.ll.. 965-1016 AMERICAN BALL BLUE THIS IS THE BEST BLUEING I3ST TJSE! IT IS NOT POISONOUS! I1ELPS BLEACHING and QIVES A BEAUTIFUL TINT! &PFor Sale by all Grocers. j& American Ultramarine Works, SS Malden Lañe, Sew York. 982-lyr W. TREMAIN Iiwie lm OFFICE AT A.A.TEREY'S HAT STORE North Britlüh Insurance Comp'y (of London and Kdinburgh,) Capital f 13,00U,0UU, Gold. Detroit Firc and Marine In-, i . Cuh ABecui fWU.OOO. SprliiKfleld In. Comp'y. oiflin.. Cash Asaets $1.811(1,000. ¦loward In. Co., oT New Vork, Cash AsseU tl.OOU.OUO. Agricultura! Insiirnncc Comp'y WATKRTOWN, - NEW YORK, Cash Asaeto f 1,200,000. Losses libcrally adjustcd and promptly paid. yr jr Ayer 's Cathartic Pilis Fot all tta Purposes of & Fmily Physic, jT Costiveness. Jaundlcc yr Dyspepsla, Indigestión V9ÜÜHPSk) Dyüentery, Kool 8tom¦ƒ och and Mreath, IleadI JkurmvSml achei Eryglpelns, Pile, V-.-. 7 Lí-"3,' Kheumatlsm.EruptloD V ' y n,nd Skin Dlsoases, BlljHE 3lÍÍ9 iousness, Llver Com- -P ib. plalnt, Dropsy, Tetter, Tumors and Salt Kheum, Worms, Gout, Neuralgia, na a dlnner plll, and purlfy Ing the blood, re the mott congenial pnrgative yet perfected. Thelr efTects abundantly show how niuch they extel 11 other Pilis. Thoy are safe and pleasant to take, but powerful to cure. They purge out the foul buDiors of the blood ; tbey sttmnlatc the slusKlsh or dlsordered organs luto actlon, and thcy jmpart hoalth and tone to the wbole being. They cure not only the every day cnmplalnt of eveiy body, but formidable and dangerous dlseases. Must sttllful phyeldaue, moet eminent clergymen, and uur best citizen8,send certifleates of cures performed, and of great bcneflts derlved from these Pllls. They are the safest and best phyeic for chlMrcn, becausc mild as wcll as eflfeetual. Being nptr-roatcd, thcy ore eaiy to take ; and belitf purely vegetable, they are eullruly harm es. PRKPARED BY Dr. J. V. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass., Practical and Analytlcal Ohcmlsts. Sold by all Drugglsta and Dealers in Medicine. 97j-1010-ew QOAL! COAL! O. W. SHIPMAN, Mlner and Wholesale dealer of the celcbraUd BRIAR RIDGE COAL. ÁLSO - )cler In Hard Coal and Pig Iron. Orders promptly ülled. Office, DU Oriswold strect, Detroit, room ü. 963-1004 Health Is Wealth. Dr K. O, Wkst'b Nikve anu HuainTrüatmiüít.specific for Hj atería, Dia.lness, Convulsión, RftTTub Ueadache, Mental Deprepulon, Loss ol Memory, permatorrhra, lmpotency. Premature Old in -tiiioud by over exertiou, elf-abusc, or over-indulfnee, whlch leads to miscry, decav and death. One )ox wlll euro recent caoes. Bach box contnlns ooe month's triatmcnt. Ono dollar a box, or six boxe br flve dollars ; Bent by muil prepaid un n tij)t ol irlcc. We siuarantec six boxes to cure any case. Plth each order reet iv d by ut fursix lMixef,accmianli'd with flve dcillars, we ill send the purclmser mr written guaratuee to return the mooey ir the rentment doce not effect a cure. iurantes temed y lirown & Co., Soie Authorizeil Agenta for Aun Arbor, Mlch. JOHN C. WEST & CO., Proprl tors, Chlcaijo. III. Kriiello Jfc Co., Wh. 'ÚsaleAgenta. Detroit, Mlch. 9V8-1W v (luttll furnlibed rr. wlih fii'l loilrocllopi for o ¦ 11 ductlni th lu.'il prvliublebulDM tbftt uij-ü on III 1 Tic liualnni II w "J K Hu", uil ¦" III '"-"¦"i""'" "' " Impl and pllii. u.t niüo k I I ¦ cD roiïkc irni prufita rrom tk trj Irc Ko II II ca Uil whu t wtltlag I work . Wuojou rc ¦II ci-Kfol i min. Kar n.i lrl 0u rro ln miu . T M. F u.„, .1 lh builii.oioroiliuJr.l dolUn In ft liocl week. Sotbiog Uk II c,-r kuowu bcfor. An ha n&g r ur.rll l the ut d rapUlfty wltb wblcb cv uo ble u uinkc mouuT You oui eofMe lu tbl builucs srlni Tour Iput tlnie ! (mi proDt Yo do ot b to latem cplul lu II. W. il. .11 ih.' risk. Tbo wbo ol relj moncr iuhM wrtif MtltfUCf. AU furtiUbett frw. Addr T""w C-r uju-u, M.lnc. 100: SS All kinds of Book-Blndlnc ' l Tke l'vurli-r ofllre on aburt notlee.


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