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Indiana Redeemed

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Under llie bright October sun, Indiana, The noble deed wat nobly done, Indiana ; The battle fought. the battle won, And proud the sire and proud the son. Indiana. The crown of victory on thy brow, Indiana ! Is there of riirht, and even now, Indiana ' The sheaves of sister states must bow Anti thy pre-eminence allow, Indiana I Thineenemtes begrird thee round, Indiana ; Aha! they UW thee stripied and bound, Indiana; Look where tliou wouldst, no help be fotind, To loose thy cord and heal thy wound, Indiana. But Freedom heard thy bitter cry, Indiana, Of youtli and beauty doomed to die, Indiana; With quivering wings and flashingeye, She drew her sword, and help was nigh, Indiana. She hid thy shame, thou maiden nicek, Indiana ; She loosed thy wrists, she kissed thy check, Indiana; She staunched the wound that made thee weak, And gave her voice through thee to speak. Indiana! Away thy fierce tormenters llew, Indiana; That hideous rebel, kuklux crew, Indiana, Bach moment greater terror knew, And hid themselves from Freedom's view, Indiana ! "RiDUMED 1" it carne like lightning bright, Indiana; "Kedeemkd ! " it thundered through the night, Indiana ; Waking the north with WÜd dflltefat, Striking her traitors blind with fright, Indiana I Twas meet Üiou wert the lirst to kooWj Indianu, And from his jungle start tlic foe, Indiana ; 'Tw:is meet thy hand should lay hiin Inw ; (ïikI livt's and reigns, 'tis ever so, Indiana. Under the brighl OcLobcr sim, Imiuina, The noble deed was nobly done, Indiana ; The battle fought, the victory won, Wk'LL FINISH THAT SO WELL HM.r n, Indiana ! ' ! The Golden Clrcle.


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