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What The Republicans Did Not Do

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No repubhcan ever starved a rebel pri-ioner to death. No republican ever fired a shot at the old flag. No republican ever tried to destroy our uaion. No republican ever assassinated a prominent rebel. No republican ever tried to introduce small-pox and yellow-fever into southern citieg. No republican seoretary of war ever stule thousands of guns and passed thcm into the hands of rebela. No republican ever sneaked behind a democratie senator and felled him with a club. A democratie member of congres8, Buily Brooks, sneaked behind Charle Sutnner and felled him with a club and nearly murdered him. All the democratie females of South Carolina crowded around the bully trying to kiss his nasty tobáceo stained lipa as a mark of approval of the deed. A democratie house showed their approval of the dastardly act by refusing to ezpel the bully. No republican was ever engaged in a massacre of democrats. Demócrata perpetrated the massacrea in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Hamburg, K'linton, and various other places, murdering hundreds of men merely because they were republicana. No republican ever got upadraftriot. No republican ever favored secession. Three-fourths of the democrats including notthern copperlioads, favored secession. i L No republican ever declared the war was a failure. The democrats, as a party, declared the war a failure in their natiooal platform of 1864. No repubücan never called a man :i "beast," a "spoon thief," a " butoher]' and then put hiin at the head of their party as ooe of their leaders. J The democrats have formally accepted Ben Butler as one of their leaders. No republican evor butchercd rebel prisoners. ¦ "" , No republican ever called Jen. Davis "anape" or "baboon." Democrats almost universally called Mr. Lincoln by those names, and, not sati6ed with that, they asaassinated him. No republican ever murdered a young girl because she tried to defend her father from the murderous assault of democrats. Democrats murdered Cornelia Chisholm for defending her father, and a democratie jury endorsed that murder by clearing the murderers of' the charge by bringins; in a verdict of not guilty. No republican candidato (or president ever tried to bribe electora to vote tor him No republican ever favored repudiation of our national debt. No republioan ever called our union soldiera "Lincoln hirelings." No republioan ever tried to burn a grcat city. No republican house of representativos ever refused to eipel a fieodixh murderer. A democratie house in 1860 refused to ex pel a brother democratie member for murdering in cold blood an Irish wait:r at VVillard's hotel. The repuhlican party never oppoaed re sumption of epecie pnyment. The democratie party did that with all lts The above illustrates the differenoo between the republican party hesded by Gen. Garfield and the rebel-eepper-bead democratio party headcd by the "superli" ieneral Hancock.


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