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How To Break Up The Solid South

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A democratie victory ia tlie presidential election would not ODly bring many evils in adruinistration to the whole country, disturb and derange important matter? of public policy, upset tbc civil service, and put back allrefonns, tuit t would poftpoaetbt break - ing up of' the solid s luth, the oliminntion of the sectional isMie, and tbc restoration nf harmony and good fecliug, wiih all llieir benefits, for an ndefinite poriod. Republican succese, on the other band, would In' the death-blow to Bourbon domination in the south. It would encourage the liberal and progrossivc tendency in that section, and basten the day when citizens would be l'i'otected in their rights, tjecausc the seif interest of'one portion of the people would no longer be autagonistio to that of another. The republieaD party i.s not the sectional party but thenational party in this content, nd its success will proniote the disappi:ir nee of scctionalism. Tbose who are ani'iis to bé rid ofthia will do wïll to poudor n the probable effect of the coming election o lar is the south nd this iuestion are incerned. The real f'riendn of' that seotion, lose who wih to see it prosperous iirul rogres.iive and in f'ull barpon; witb the est of the Union, must see that this resnlt fill be promnted by a defeat of the Bour )ons, while their would hinder and mstpone, if it did not prevent it, for a genration to cDine.- N. Y. Tinu-s. 1 am unable to reach the lofty theine of e love of God ; and yet I do not tbink that the little sprat whioh awims ín the mighty ocean ever complains that there is too much water for hitn to swim in. So it is with me, I niay be permitted, with my little sprat-like powers, to plunge into a subject I sliall never bo fully ble to compruhcud. -Kowland Hill.


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