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Coopersville, Ottawa county, wants :i good, live, rapobh'oan paper. It U a place of 500 nliabitants, and it ia thoucht an active man can keep from starving tliere if lie doen't have too big an appetito. The Saginaw Herald ought to bo happy, a it has a $20,000 libel uit on its bands. It lias beeqao long since anythmg has come out of these attempts to bttll-doce editon, that the llcrald doen"t seem to be greatly Bcared. The Saturday Post, of Grand Rápida, doesn't see much encouragetiient for the d'.'inoorats next Tuesday. It saya : " It is Indiana'.1 habit to go in November as she goes in Outober and' she iao't likely to break the habit thia fall. The denioerats feel (bis and wlirn thoy claim the state in November ihey are rimply following the cxamplc of the small boy who whistles through the gfaveyard to keep his spirits u." The Grand Rápida KaIi; is suiitid in giv ing the following advice : " Don't let np for one minute, boys. Drive the nail home and clinch it. Don'l leave a loophole fox disputo. Don'í leave a ehraoe for another electoral commission. D.m't liive the democrats any deoept excuse for contesting the eount o a single state. Another fight next winter over the eoam would be ¦ fearftil peril Make the TOte n 'Itvi-ive in November u to prevent that. " The Adrián Tinn-p doesn'l tliink. localily has anythiog to do with choosinga Uember of congress, and giveg the deraocralic candidate, Mr. V. H. Waldby, of that city, several pointed digs. The Times asks : "Did Chester,the greenbaek Dominee for congress in this district, ngree to get off the ticket, in Mr. Waldby's ia?or, for 9S00T And lias he yet got the monev '' " ALso, " Can any republican give a jrood reason why the democratie forces in the house of representativos should be reinfnreed by a recruit from the second district of Michigan ?" In every city and county of the state the republican runks are being swollen by union loving democrats. The Monroe Commercial tells of still another : "John Tull, one of the old utand bys of democracy in Monroe, hai left the ranksof that. party and espoused the cause of ( ', arfield and Arthur, and is not ashamed nor afraid to teil of the faith that is in him. He was always a Union man, and that is the great reason why he is now a republican. He believes the democratie party ia the duunwn party - that the mrirflaj'i.b" pumueu nui n iu aua otltor congress entitloo tt t that dnitmciion, and as he is not a disunionist, he oannot eonscientiously longer act with that party." The Il.istiiiïs ücpublican Hanner refers to the " woman in politics," and how she outgeneraled the men in the late school election in New York : "Whilc torchesglareat.dstu nip -speakers spout and the weikin rings niglitly with frenzied yells about politics, the women of the empire state have been quietly casting their first votes for school trustees. In some cases pollinp places were packed by friends of' the oandidates whom the ladits didn't favor, but in othen tbe fair and persevering dames apsel the pditicians pmartly enough. They let theni liaye their own way nearly all day, lullini? tlicir ¦uspicions to sleep, and then throngcd in with a raighty rush justat the close of the proceedÍDgs carrying their end in most triumphant style. In east New i'ork fotir farm wagons, laden with InT wives and daughters of wealtliy land-owners, broupht sudden dismay to the hearts of their opponents by their unexpected appearancc. "


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