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Garfield The Fit Successor Of Hayes

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rail BlUJOuw uf jrviii.T i-iv..„,lv, tt.ithe most satisfactory administraron in oui history. Ruthurford Jï. llaves has indeed proved that he serves his party best who serves his country be;-t. James A. Garfield has raany of Gov. llaves' qualities. His public n cord covers a preat chapter in American history, and bis share is esscntmlly patnotie. Wlien his larty ran mail lor the impeachment of' Presiden Johnson, C'ongresMiian Garfield wrote: - "i have examined the testimonvand the reporta of the judiciary eommittM in reference to tlie impcacluncnt, and have been compelled to oonolude ttiit tliey have not made out a case. I shall therefore vote against the measure. It may and probably wijl cost me my poütioal life. I see all tbig, and afler having studied the question of imppachment carefally, I soc my duty most clearly, and l am glad to tel] you that my heartand will have not besitated for & moment in deeidingmy oaÉTM." Intheheight of the Ohio inflationmania he stood on this ground : - " I expcct to be overborne by the brute force of votes, but I expect to be vindicated whcn ehe psople look b-ick from the gulf of financial ruin into which they aro b8tening and see that [ was tlie true friend of their financia! interr"st.. The appeal from I'bilip drank to Philip sober ia not a plea-ant one to make ; it is not eom pliinciitary to Philip, The state oonvenciön at Uolombna has committed itvt' to sonie financial doctrinos that, if I Ondèratud rheii, I cantiot and will notindorse. If my oooiljtuents apprqve. tlinn tbev caonot approvo me." We are jmtified in aiKuing froni the put tb tira futuro. Hetween a brilliant ¦oUier, loading a disorganized and boBgry party, who must 060 iwañly delay reform by tuakiug many immeditte obapges in the public aervioe ; and the man fjajiliar with Kovoriiniciit, the heir of Hayoism ;' betwii'n a support includini; witli mucb that HtflXttJ the of invponsiblo voters, aml onc holding the indepeodent repubfióans, the most advánoed, the most pro(rresaive the most trusted Poraes in allour politica) organism,- we think the con.¦cipntiou-', iinprcjinlii''d votfrs will generally decide for Garficld. 'J'lie republican president will do nóthing to disturb the even course of business prosperity, nor will he throw out of gen t li ¦¦ nricbinery o( govcrnnient.


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