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Democratic Vituperation

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me vinaictive ana rcienuess per?ecution of Gen. Garfield by the democratie party organs and leaders, froin the day of his noiuination up to the present time, has been unequaled in the hktory of American politics. The last altetupt to bring him into disrepute, has, however, been a ?ad failure, and like all such vituperaron, has reacted upon its authors. ''The easewith which the recent democratie forgery was torn to shreds shows the bae recklessness with which democratie statomen and democratie ntwspapers took up the story, without tiying to find out whether it was true or not. It is now known that no such man as Morey lived, and no such organization as the Employers' Uniun existed in Lynn, at the time the letter is alleged to have been written ; that the liandwriting of the forged letter is entirely unlike Gen. Garfield's, as anyone who ever read a letter by him would see at once, and entirely unlike the handwriting of another alleged letter by him, published a few weeks ago by the paper that has cominitted this forgery ; that the forger, being evidently an illiter4 ,.......,„, r- 1.:. ...... .'! BfiulUug tmm the letter, whereas Gen. Garfield is one of the best educated men that ever ran for the presidency ; that the pos-toffice mark abo lutely proves the letter to bave been a forgery, becaure it is an attempted facsimile of a new t-tamp which wa.s not in use until after the date of the alleged letter, but is in use now. Tbis last item of cvidence would be final proof, if none of the others existed. The idiotie blunder of spelling companics 'compauys,' should have been eoougii to prove the forgery. Gen. (arfield nas incapable of such a blunder as of comruitting a forgery himself. There is only one inference - that tlu democratie national committea avoided investigación, or accepted th letter knowing it to be forged. The character of the document has been absolutely demonatrated, and yet democratie papers evorywhereare still publishing the facsimile, evidently funii.-hed from the headquarters in New York city. The men who are reponsible for this crime ought to go to the penitentiary." There is another phase of this subject which needs ventilation, and shows if not rascality, at least a lack of manliness on the part of Mr. Baraum, we refer to the publishing of Mr. Jewell's dL-patches by the former. " When a gentleman finds that papers belonging to another person have fallen accidentally into his possession, his first instinct is to avoid learning more of their nature than he has perhaps already learned unavoidably, andhissecond to return tbem to the owner. Certain harmless telegrama signed by Mr. Jewell carne into Mr. Barnum's hands by a clerical uiistake made in the western uuion telegraph office. Did Mr. Barnum return them, as a gentleman and honest man would have done ? No, he forthwith published them, gave them an interpretaron whith he knew to be false, and over hia own name charged Mr. Jewell, a man of pure life, with fraud. And every line in the address showed tliat the man was utterly unconscious of the offence he was committiug against good inoráis, kg&inst decency, against the honor which is profesaed and often practiced oven among thieves. He gave no pretest or apology- he knew too Hule of honor to know that bc wa3 doing a di.-honorable thinií. " Nowanain.-t tliese mud-slingers, (orgers, and telegram thieves the people will certainly set thi'ir wal of' cmidetunation next Tuesday. __________ The dcniocrats profess to hope for a turn in the tide next Tucday, but it is too late for it to set in. A solid north confronta a soli.l nouth, the MM as in 1880.


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