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Another Democratic Blunder

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Tliis eampaign bu bcon noted for ita bluoden on tlu; part of the democratie party. Erom tlie time they assembled al Cincinnati and nomiiMtad a suldier wid a Shylouk, down tlirongb the speeches oí' Wade Hampton, the cnonuous democratio majorities in southern states, thechainpioning of free trade principies, to this lant fatal mi -takc, t has boen one continual oainlaigo of blanden by the democratie leaders. But to the last one. lo their de.tperation their chairman, Mr. Raranm, brought out a letter purimrtiiig to have been written by Gen. GarBeld, reeently, to one Morey, of Lyon, Mass., as a representativo of the " Kmployer'i Union," in which were used words to the effect that he, Garfield, oonsidered it entirely right for employers to import Chinese Coolies ; that employers werc perfectly iif-tified in securing labor at the lowest figure powible, or words to ihat effect. Gen. Uarfield imniediately denied ever wiiiimr such a letter, hired detectives to to ferret out the forgery, and has traced the same to the diMir.H of the editor of the New York democratie paper in which it lir-t appfjired. Kurlhermore, it has been proved that no such man as Morey ever livod in Lynn, Mass., and that no such organizatioo as the employer's union ever exÍ8led there. Hut do democratie papers cease publishtng tlie He, now that they know it to be sueh? No, indeed. The organ of the party at Detroit, base and despicable as the actiim was, )mblished the letter upon one sido of the paper whrre it would attract attent ion, :tn the donial upon another, in their asaootated presa diapatobes, This is demoontk) üoneaty, parity and decency. Tho New York Tribune has a few cutting words upon the subject : " Does Mr. Harnuni think that decent and honorable uien will fee! no indignation, when they sce hiui and bia jtarty organs persistently circulating as genuino a letter which he and they mm knoto to be a baso forgery ? Public opinión was ready to inake some al lowance for the eagerness of demócrata to believe in thegenuineness of a letter whieh proiniscd to help them in their despcration. As long as the proofs of Forgery had not been pointed out, and General Garfield hiuaself had not seen the letter nor bad opportnnity to repudíate it, t-hero was some excuse for trjing to make the most of it, but what excuse Is there now ? Hviv y ilimncrat whn circulates this letter now, or refera to it as genuino, knows that he is guilty of a bate falsehood. Are there to be no limits of decenoy or honor, then, in the standers with which def'eated deinojracy may try to blaot the reputation of a w.irthy, generóos, and upright man? Is it so, tliat the honest voters have no indignation and no puni.-hment for a crime so foul and base ? Let no one think so ! The tremendous reaction against the democrats in the October elections was caused in no small degree by the desire of honest voters to show their indignation at the persistent use of vile slanders long after they had been disproved. When the demócrata went about scrawling " 329 " on pavements and walls, they turnrd agaiust them thousands of voters. But it will be very strange if the last and meanest piece of villany - the persistent circulation of a known forgery - (Joes not produce a still more powerful outburst of indignation. The love of fair play is, after all, an Anglo Saxon and Aniprioan virtue, thoujjh Mr. Barnum and I.lo tr,a, .Loo. „i o truoo of It. Wfi venture to say that there has never been a republican committec having so little selfrespect, and so little respect for honest voters, that it would not inslantly withdraw a document found to be a forgery, refuse to use or circuíate it, and express regret for having innocently been the means ofdoing a wrong. If Mr. Barnum and his associates have no self respect, it remains for honest voters to teach them that vile slanders and base forerics do not pay in this country. There is but one way in which such managers can be taught deoency or honcsty. There is but one way in wbich this growing evil of infamous vilifioatiun of candidates can be checked. Ohio pointed out that way. We shall be astonished f the honorable voters of other states do not teach these lying democratie papers a lesson next Tuesday."


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