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A Campaign Lie

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A correspondout of the Evening News, who datcd liis disputch from Ypsilanti, had ho following in la.-t nijiht'H is.sue of that tapcr : rpgllantt.Oot.Z7. -soraoexiïlteinfnl is made y iht-Niorv tliat tlie iuveBtlgatlon of lllegul llls ordered by the board of MipervlNors, vhlrh is repubUoan, ia liing used aguinst reHent oouuty oillpors by the demorrats. four warranU have heen iiwued nt AnnAilmr, in ¦, il 1h hhIcI. ogaliiMt the deputy clerk. PeiidiiKtlils It Is clmrwl that the board itaelt has oted Iti members IS Aym' pay for 10 day1 work. It la prohably a flurry ol campalttn lionesty that wlll die down after Tuenday . This is simply a dirty political triok.gotten ip to injurethe prospects of oue of the best St-era this county ever had. No warrant ïaj been issued for any deputy clerk, and he correspondent either ignorantly or willully lied. If the foriner, he had no business to send the dispatch, f the latter the eed will avail nothing The ulerk rcferred o had no more to do with the affair - which b mostly wind, anyway- than the writer of that dispaioh, and any man who atteujpts to implícate innocent persons for he sake of gaining vote by deceiviug voters, ought to be buried by snch a major ty that he never could peep again. The people don't like to be lied out of' their ¦otos, and wc believe they will be sharp enough to make it hot for ihe Hars.


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