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Mrg. Julia VVard IIowo x reported seriou.sly ill. The Protestant Episcopal general conveution cloed its sti-siou in New York lat, Wednesday. A railroad war has brokt n out at Tolt o, and tickets to St. Louis are bcing nold at ruinous ratos. October 27th, the Ansonia clock works, in Brooklyn, N. Y., were burned. LdBI $500,000, and 800 people thrown out bf employment. The new registration in St. Louis is given at 68,334; in Chicago, 85,000; and the new registration in New York and Brooklyn foots up nearly 400,000. The latest advices indícate that the si-a refuses to give up its dead, and that some 70 bodies of the Alpena disaster are still beneath the waves of Lake Michigan. A supervisor of eleciion in Chicago was arrestad and jailed bv dainooratic offioials for doing his duty, and refitting to allow a man to refter wbo was Dot entitled to a vote. The home rule confederaron of (Jreat Britain and representativos of the radical clubs of London have passod resolutioiis oondemning the prosecution of tho Iri.-.h agitators. The Three Rivera pulp milis were burned on the 26th inst., involving a loss of some $45,000, on which there was $15,000 insuranoe. The paper milis adjoininj;, were not burned. Ny'Sarah Bernhardt, the much advorliscd French actress with questionable niorals, has arrived at New York. She expects to make a large fortune by rendering a few plays in tfais country. Kenward Philp was arrested in Brooklyn, N. Y., Wednesday, on a charge of criminal libel, arraigned bcfore Judgo Davis, and offered to waive cxauiiuatimi. He ia the man accuscd of wiitiug the (iarfield Chinese letter. The number of liquor dealers in Michigan in 1879 waa 4,296 ; Ux oollocUjd was 1393,819.04; Ui urn'ill-ctei was $41 ,129.i i. The jrear previous, 1878, tbare were 4,iS)3 dealera ; :!7MK9 18 collected ; and ..ui anoolleoted. fiurriblo accident occurred at Torre [auto, Ind. A battoiy of llircc boilers n lic distillery of'Coi t Fuirbanka, the larsst e.-tablUiroentof thekind inlhe Uittted Stans, expkded with a report and ooiicuk,,n that wcrc hea:d aid feit f'or miles. Six men were insUntly killed and twioe as 1 1 : 1 1 1 v Beriously wounded The f'oilowing is Üxo official vote of Ohio upm secreiary of state, the republiean an.iiJate, Charles Townsend, was cut about 2,000 votes by reason of his teinperance principies: Charles Townsend, republican, 2,031 Williaiu Lang, democrat, 343,016; Charles A. Lloyd, greenback, 6,780; Wiliani II Doiin, prohibitionist, 2,815; ownsend's majority over Lang 19,005. A shtcking ealauiity in connection with afüctouk phu at Cinoinnati. The fire rpke out :n the shoddy uianufactory of Jenjamin Hey, Secood and Broadway, in snofi a way a.s to cut off escape froui the thiid .story, wherea uumber of woiuen were at woi k. The üreuieu made heroic but ineffectual attuinpts to secure the womcn, but DOtwithstanding all their efforts, five of ;hem were burned to death. A collit-ion on the Cincinnati, Hamilton fe Dayton railroad, at Jones Station, ninetoen miles north of Cinciunati, resultcd o njury to lïl'teen psssengers. None were liilcd outright, and none are yet dead. The Sidney accouiruodation was late, and was run into by a fbllowing train when switchng. The engine caught the rear car, bruke tn own upper works and filled the car with ewaiiiiiK Bteám. Sixteen persons were wdly scalded.


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