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Agents and Cauvassers Make from $2.5 to $50 per week sclling joods ft B. C. Rideout & Co., 10 Barslay stroet, New York. Send for their catalogue and term. 1000-1052. A WIsc Deacon. "])eaeon Wilder, I want you to teil me how you kept yourself aud fainily well the p:i-i. season when all the rest of us have Min uok no uiuuh, and have had the dootors visiting us so of'ten." "Bro. Taylor, the answcr is very easy. I used Hop Bitters in time ; kept my family well and saved the doctor bilis. Three dolUre woftb of' it kept us well and able to work all the time. I'll warrant it has cost you and the neighbors one to two hundred dollars apiece to keep sick the sanie time," "lh'!un, I'll your medicine hereafter. ' ' A Cottgfe, Cold or Sore Throat should be stopped. Neglect frequently results in an Incurable Lung Disease or Contwmption, Brow.n's Bkonchial Troches are certain to give relief in Aslhma, Bronchitis, Cough, Catarrh, Consumptic, and Throat Ditieatf. Forthirty years tlie Trochas have been recomuiended by physicians and always give perfect satisfaction. They are not new or untried but having been tested by wide and constant use for nearly an entire generation, they have a'taincd well merited rank among the few staple remedies of the age. 1'uUic Speaker and Singer use them to clear and strengthen the Voice. Sold at twenty-five cents a box everywhere. 1007-58 Motliers ! Mothers ! ! Mothers ! ! ! Are you disturbed at night and broken of your rest by a sick child suffering and crying with the excruciating pain of cutting teeth? If so, go at once and get a bottle of MKS. WINSLOW'S SOOTHINC SYULT. lt will relieve the poor little suflerer immediately - depend upon it; there is no mist'ike about. There is not a mother on earth who has ever used it, who will not teil you at once that it will regĂșlate the bowels, and give rest to the mother, and relief and health to the child, operating like magie. It is perfectly safe to use in all cases, and_ pleasant to the taste, and is the prescription of one of the oldeat aud best iemile physiciansand nures in the United States. Sold everywhere. 25 oonts a bottle. 1007-58 JUST REGEIVED ANOTHKK Sl'PPLY OF FIXK WOOLENS ESPECIAT-LY FOR n AND 1 Best Gdttr IN THE CITY. RE AD MADE DEPARTMENT IS NOW FULL AND COMPLETE LITTLE Ml TUK KINO CLOTHIBR, )H III l'l


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