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Business Is Booming

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BOOMING! BOOMING! ¦AMM I Iton i: il! Miiti ! 10 kii ie in Mtitii) DOLLAR! DAILY. SELL CHEAP AND THE PEOPLE WILL BUY, I carry more goods than any other house in the county, henee a better chance for selection at my store. JOE T. JACOBS, THE CLOTHIER Mtr RUSTÍS" ARBOB. NEWGÖÖDS! NEW GOQDS! AT THE 4 ll IKV OODS II o I si: OF BACH & ABEL New Black and Colored Silks, New Black and Colored Velvets New Black and Colored Satins, Handsome Brocade Satins. ALSO A LARGE LINK OF Plushes, very desirahle ; New Ribbons, Laces, Handkerchiefs, Ties, Fancy Buttons, Hosiery, Flannels, Blankets, Ladies Cloths, Waterproofs, Shirtings, Towels, Linens, Bleached and Brown Table Linens, Napkins, etc. All kinds of Domestics at last year's prices. BE SIRE AND VISIT THE CASH DRY GOODS HOUSE OIE"1 BAOH & -A-EZEL, Before you purchase your fall goods. We can and will save you moncy. Iïemember we 977.1028 always lead in making low prices, and never follow.


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