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Kit. I. Salo. Notlcc íb hereby glven that whereas the work hy me apportloned for clearine oat the followlng describea drains or ditches has not been cniple:eri by the linie prescribed by law that the draiu coinmisloner of the towuship of rittsfleld, In the county of Washtenaw, wlll, on Thureday, the fonrth day of November, 1880, at the honr of one o'clock of sai diiy, aloiiR the line of said drains, near tbu reeid-uCe of Wm.T. Norgate, n said townhip, let ot lOwest responslble bidder or bidder the ¦!' clearing out Mallet'., creek ditch, number "jd branches thereof. beginning on sec -' ? an r "? ï n and tÓ Stak" - "ilíy-'li (W). O" sevxnteen 7 . d#--Wof 718 rods. Ateo Noreate-s branch f ''.iTIltch, beginning near the soath east corner Jf the north weet V4 of aoutb weet 'a, Hcction'sixteen (lfi), and r Tumi ii tr n. w. to n. w. 14 corner ofaid Sec. elxtcen (16), about 240 rodn. Al.-o SuoinerV brancli of said Mallet'6 creek ditch, lculnnliiK on the nortli west corner of the north west "i of section ghrtevn (16) runninc east alone the south side of tbe hi'jhway a dlstance of 120 rods more or leus. The average depih of the abeve mentioned ditches about three feut, three inchee; slope of lrora one foot to one and one-hall to one foot of depth. Froflle and inupn can be seen at my office for further Information. The rtL'ht to reject any or all bid lf expressly reserved. C. E. PICKJHT, Township Drain Commiaiiioner. Dated this 19th day of October, A. D. 18S0. lOOtflO ¦ Estáte of Joiin Powell. OTATK OF MIC'HIUAN, Connty of Waebtenaw, se. At a session of the Probate Conrt for the C'ounty ol Washteuaw, holden at the Irobat". Office, in the City of Ann Arbor, on Thursday, the twenty-eiphth day of October, In the ycar one ihousand eiuht I1111 ilreü anü eighty. Present, William D. Uarriman, Judge of Probate. In the matter of the estáte of John Powell, deceased. John Ueddes, exeentor of the laxt vi!l and testament of said deceated, comen iutu court and represente that he Is now preuared to rendcr hls final account as such executor. Thereupon it is ordered that Hatiuday, the twentieth day of November next, at teu o'clock in the forenoon, bc aselened for examinini; and allowing such account, aud that gefUlieft leñatees and j heirs at law of said deccased.and all olher persons interested In said estáte, are reqnired to apear at a session ol said court, then to be holden at the Probate Office, In the City of Ann Arbor, in said contity. and show cause, ir any there br, lij the snid account shoiild not be allowed. And it ík further ordered, that said executor ffive notit'e to the persons interested in naid estáte, of tbe pendency of said account, and the hearing thereof, by causing a copy of tbls order to W publishttd in th' Ann Arbor Vmintr, a newspnper prtnted and clrcaUUiog in said county, three succeive weebü prevlooe 10 said day of lieariug. (A true copy.) WILLIAM 1). HAKK1VAN. JndiLeof lrobatc. WM. G. DOTY, Prohnte Reirister. Hun l.i W.W. BLISS&CO., WI1OLB8ALK AND RBTAIL TOBACCO I CÍE B All Gooois Soli at Detroit Prices. Aflants for OLOBE and SEAL OF DETHOIT tobácea. N0. 7 EAST HURON STREET. 981yr $500 RE WARU ! WE wlll pay the above reward for any case of Livcr Complaint, Dyspepvla, Sick Headache, luiliKestton, Constipatlon or t'ostiveness wecannotcure with West' Vep.-table Livor Pilis, wheli the dirvitious are strlctly complied wltb. 'l'hey pinely Veectalile, and never fail to plvesatisfaction. íul'hi Coated. Large hoxes, conuining 30 Pilis. 'S, raus. For sale by all druirgists. lieware of coontfTfelU and lmliatious. The enulne m!inufrtctnr,-d on'y bj JOHN r.. WKST CO., "The PUI Makers," 181 & 188 W. Madiaon 8t., Chicago. Kr. trial packat-e sent by mail prepaid on receitit of a 'i cent stamp. 908-1049 A IiL KINDS OF BLANKS PRIMTMD OH 8HOUT NOTICI AT THE COURIER JOB ROOMs. III IIITm CENTS TO SELLTEA, WAN I Hr!'"1."'11"1111"''1"1"111111 Il HI1 I IJ I'HOKITS i'IKST KTF, llullil fi,,. """ ' "H ¦¦¦¦ ...u J. 1 ,„, 1 9T2-1U13


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