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Class day will be gladly weloomed back. The seniors showed their good sense io agreeing to agree. It has been about decided that The University will be published again this year. Somewhcrc about 50 rcpublican studente 'rom New York are to go home to vote. A new telescope and transit instrument, !br use in the students' observatory, has arrived and will soon be put in position. Prof. Maolcan removed an extra or flfth ïnger froru the hand of a little colored boy roui Vpsilanti, at the clinic, last Weduesday. Over 70 patients were provided for at the university hospital last week, and the same is constantly crowded to its full capacity. Prof. Hennequin bas conipleted his revised edition of Duffet's French gramuiar, and the publishers are to issue the same immediately. Prof. Tyler has been engaged by the Lowell institute, of Boston, to deüver a short series of lectures this winter, upon American literature. Scveral mcmbers of the law departmeot are stumping for the poiitical parties, and it is expected that after next Tuesday this department will be largely increased. A patiënt was recently brought to the university hospital to be treated, from Leadville, Col., by Dr. Alex. Maclean, who ia surgeon of one of the Leadville mines. The Chronicle board have doubled their subscripción list this year, which shows that the present managers are live, wide awake and energetic. They are giving their readers a better paper than formerly. The annual meeting of the university tem perance aasociation will be held in the law lecture room, on Saturday, October 30, at 8 p. m. Dr. Cooker, Judge Cooley and Dr. Wilson are expected to speak. All are in vited. Two membersof the literary department, seeking exercise, took a pedestrian tour to Ypsilanti and back last Saturday on the railroad track. They got so tired they had to hire a oolored man to saw their wood Monday morning. An entomological club has been organized by the students of thj? university. The following are the officers chosen for the year : President, II. Ayers, Fort Smith, Ark.; secretary and treasurer, Chas. A. Cratnpton, Moline, III.; curator and librariaB, D. J. fligley, Ann Arbor. The U. M. T. A., which translated, mcans university ot Michigan temporalice association, will hold its annual meetingSaturday evening, at 8 o'clock, in the law lecture room. Speeches will be made by Dr. Cocker, Dr. T. P. Wilson and Prof. Cooley. A general invitation is extended. The sophmore class recently electcd the following officers for the ensuing year : President, T. W. Peers ; president, Miss Bell ; secretary, Joe Tuthill ; treaaarer, "Frank Ross ; orator, Bethune Duffield ; historian, C. D. Willard ; seer, Miss Van Flarlingen ; ohaplain, S. J. Platt. The senior class of the pharmacy department of the university elected the following officers on Monday afternoon : President, E. E. Gatchell, Ann Arbor ; vice president, Misa H. P. Harrington, Boston, Mass.; secretary, S. W. Williams, Leroy, N. Y. ; treasurer, J. H. Lootnia, Green Oak ; toast master, F. C. Parker, Quincy ; foot-ball captain, R. M. Ward, Leroy, N. Y. The freshman class elected the following officers lor the ensuing year, last Saturday : President, 8. D. May, Belvedere, III ; vicepresident, Miss Franois Skinner, Battle Creek ; secretary, Miss Ida C. Stanley, Ann Arbor ; treasurer, Bert Whedon, Ann Arbor; foot ball captain, H. P. Borden, New Carlisle,Ind. ; Rugby foot-ball captain, T.W. Gilmore, Denver, Col.; base-ball captain, John C. Harding, Bloomington, 111. The senior class held a meeting Saturday, Oct. 16th, andchose the following offioers :. President, Wetmore Hunt ; vioe-president, Miss Maggie Morton; secretary, Frank McNamara ; treasurer, S. N. Schermerhom ; orator, C. A. Towno ; historian, A. F!. Frazer; poot, L. R. Crossetto ; seer, Miss Nellie Stanley ; toastmaster, C. L. Braoe ; marshal, II. H. Kingsley ; musical director, B. L. D'Ooge. It was decided to havo a olass reception and a class day. Thoy also pledged themselves to unity. This will be glad nows to the friends of the class and of tho univercity.


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