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Beveral cases ot diphtñena liavc been reortcd in tbis place. A car load of turnips, the first ever sliiped, were sent from this .station last week. At the M. E. parBonape, on the 19th nst., Wm. J. Wood, of Lima, and Míbh imma E. Stewart, of Chelsea, were united d marriage, by the Rev. J. L. Hudson. The ladies of the M. E. churoh have put lown a new carpet in the Sunday school room, in the basement of the chureb, and made other improvements which aild to he comfort oi the school. Herald : " We were sorry to see one day ast week a young man full of bad whisky, staggering around the streets of Chelsea. !t is sad to lose one's liberty, to become a lave to strong drink ; but if one is down, he only way is by God's help break the ehaÍD, and cnlist under a new master. foung men, ' Dare to do right.' " The Herald also has this significant item : ' The fair held at St. Mary's church in this village on Tuesday, Wednesday andThurslay evenings of last week was largely attendod each evening, (especially) Thursday evenine, wben Hanncock and Garfield, the wo leading candidates was to contend for a nice " Silver tea service " valued at $60. .V'illiam Judson for Qarfield and John (eelan for Hancook,- the voting was closey oontested for a while ; but Garfield's inluence being too strong, the Haacock party ïad to go under and leave the Garfield party the winner, Mr. Wm. Judson carried off the magnificent prize. The fair was a finaucial success." MANCHESTEK. From the Enterpnse. Jonathan Schmid, of Ann Arbor, isclerkng for Kirchhofer. Burt Osborn, son of B. W. Osborn, of Sharon, has gone to llochester, N. Y., to each penmanship in a commercial college here. Charley RoMson lef't here on Monday morning for Memphis, Tenn., where he goes to 511 an engagement a.s clerk in a large retail clothing house. Rev. Joseph Bruck, formerly in charge of 3t. Mary's church, in this village, leaves lere to morrow for Wright, Ottawa county, wherc he will preach hereafter. The D., H. & S. W. Ry. Co. got up an excursión to Chicago which left here on Tuesday, - fare for the round trip, $4.25. Only three tickets were sold at this station. At the residence of the bride' h párente, in Sharon, Miss Florence May Peck and Mr. Wallaoe B. North, of White Pigeon, were married, on the 2üth inst, by Rev. J. L. Hudson, assisted by Rev. D. Whitely. We understand that Detroit parties talk of negotiating for the purchase of the paper mili property at Kast Manchester, provided the citizens of this village and vicinity will " give 'eui a boost." Thcy shuuld do it. Frank Ruok, of Ann Arbor, a practica] brewer, hasbought thesouthern breweryin this village, of A. C. Torrey, paying $1,200 cash. Mr. R. has gone to work putting the building in repair, and expects to begin making beer as soon as posaible. S. W. Dorr has built a large building to be used as a refrigerator in which to keep fruit. He has already stored away 1,200 bushels of Baldwin applus, and expects to put away inany more. Thia fruit is not barreled but is put on patent shelves so that it can be inspected at pleasure, and it is claimed that by keepini? the teinperature of the room at a certaindegree, the fruit will keep a long time. No farmers' institute at Manchester this winter, we remarked to a farmer friend a few days ago ; the state board of agriculture have made the appointments, aod Manchester is left out. " Well," replied he, " wedon't wantanyif we must be talk ed to by those ' edecated cusses ' from tho agricuitural college, but our farmers' club can get up an institute and we can do our own talking, teil our experiences in farming, and profit by what we hear. Those college fellows are always telling some outlandish stories about what they've done up there. We must farm it for profit and not for style."


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