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All Sails Set To Catch The Popular Breeze!

All Sails Set To Catch The Popular Breeze! image
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MACK & SCHMID'S 'great dry goods ship Always Leads n the Race and is Miles Ahead of all Competition. The Small Profit System (of which this house is the sole exponent) is Bound to Win the Day. Take a Clance at a Few Samples of the Cargo : onr Black and C'olorccl All-Wool ;ilnii i . doublé 11 iill li, 10 cent, o Ml clxiilicir l" lu 5O cents ; verv gootl quitlii j 05 cents, o ii eltewhere at 75 cents ; Lnpla't extra line, 75 cent, ii il li $1.00 ; l'rcncli Sul in PlaMtt, o cents, l'rcncli I l:iiil. 50 cents, il worili O eents; Laptni All-Wool BLACK ,ooiv Crape Imperial, Ba-kot and Iliiniu' loih, lrap le Alma, Koyal IVkin. BLACK CASHMBKES, Mikt and Vclvcis, Mik llrorulri, Niilln Brociidv, l'ckin fclripcd Vclicl al loivcr pri-c Ihan any in tlie connty, a complete iiiiinciii ol Tri mm in y ilkat 75 conlx, uually ll at "" oeiitx. All ncw halc ol' li silk tlak i s Imi il ulier al 1.10, a beller qualily I Colored lrr silk. and a iniieli llner a.soiiiiiiil tlian eau honglit !¦ lu-i-c l.u l J.: IIanlMme BLACK OROS GKAIX SIJLIi, 7O ccnl, Black, lieavy,rieli Hik, " ceiiti), a heavy Grol Orain Mllk, ivarranied lu car veil, kI.imi, an i:icaiii Silk, soft and very rlcta, Ot #1.99 ; Knblime qnulit} . uperb eulor, vcry heavy, al $1.35, 1.55, $1.78. Mack & Schmicl have added the most reliable and durable makes of Black Sijks to their already incomparable stock the famous Cachemire Alexanclria, which is warranted not to cut or wear shiny, and is universally acknowledged to be the best silk ever made. Black nin ¦ l. on in din'crciii urailc. Blaek and t'ulured Mllk Velvelw Trom kI.OO Io ii:t.OO per yard, Blaek and Culored Salin Ir 50 ccnl lip. i:TKAOKIXAKV BARAIS on uur rnuntcr daily and il ín aMoniüliini; liow ilicj cll. A inoiiiilain of barain in Ilie morninu ill ineli away till ilicrc is notliiny left in llic ercniiiff. l'lain l'lanncl, ITIcdicated Flaiinclfi, Saonj I I:iiim l. Fmbroidcred l'lamicl. Opera and Plaid I lamii l. Sliakcr l'laiuicl, i'loaks, lolmaii. Shait I. Shirts, 1'orsets, ;lnc. Linciis, Qiiilis, Toueu, Dmaaak. CLOSE AND JUDICIOUS BUYINC, Cash in Buying and Selling, combined with the Small Profit System, are bound to win the day. 67-iui-;


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