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Modern Poisonous Adulterations

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Tf scienee has done much to elévate mankind, it has also Jone much lo débase it; the phyñdaa'i preseription is to thi d:iy cn'Hilur.sined wiib tilo device of aserp -iir and a roii, which are thn cnnquering -yinbols oí' the healinp art; yet the Ked Typhon, nr Jirago, of Egypt, in the Aryan faith, is the type of the principie of evil which disputes with Omiís, representing the principie of good, tor the dominion of i he univarse; tlius, if' ecience brouht it troo.l 10 elcme and gie lili' to man, it has al-o hr-Uffht with it evil, with which id dffrni'lc hini and dentro; his God-given life. Nor are free countrieidelivered (rom tbe evili bioh travel íd the train of cience while abe is diapensinfi her many j;oo!s; i" fact, the noddeaa aore lavish of these evils to the free people of England and the UniteJ Staieí t to tliu.e of CoutiJ Kurope wliiTf paternal KOTcrntuents tlniriwh. It is in the aémerarion of artiI food that the deadly contest between ()-iiis and Typhon, in the tields of seienee, is being so uririinittingly WHjjed in these modern times, with the rcsult t-eein ingly orerwhelniingly in favor of the red dragon, Mr. (ícorire T. Angelí, in an td'Jre.s8 delivered betore tlie American social scienoe áwtooiátion, óalla aUeottoa to the pnv-rnt baleful teudencies of iuvention in tbe direetion of the adulteraron of anieles oí" prime necessity. 8ome of his statements are of a starlling and revolting charaefer. He elaitns that almost every ! articles now sold in this country lur food is inore or lea idulterated, and th-ituiany of these adulterations are ex I poisormu-i. Cayenne pepper is adilteratt-d with red lead; tnustard witu ohronuits of lead ; curry pnwd"r wit li red li ad ; viaeffpt itli nilphurid Mtid, arsenio and corroaive RiihlituaK The Soiemifio Aioericin i--crt tl,,-it h.ilf tlie vioeparsold in uur ctirs is rink poi-on. B chemi! acalyzed meen pack mes of pickle, findinir ooppcr in tenofthem; another ! tin' pauiti nuniber aod fouod oopper in all of' rHètn Ad)meratiunt of' tea aro too nu!ncniii to inention. A patent I),im b 'ii t;ik'n nut Inr tul ¦iu-r! chicory i tito the íorm of Oojfí '¦ htrrii-s ; ;lay is al-o sai'l to Ke flsvored and molded to reprwonl ooffee. ('ncoa and clnclatc are adultoratcd wifh v.irifius i)in#ral dubsUnoefi. ÏTie (Jahny made tha oharge thal m-vch milla in .New Kiitlaii'i, and pmbably manv efcwwhrei are (rnodiog white itone iaui i fiiie powder for parfNMm of aiiulieration ; at iorae of i in tln'V friod tlnci' ifr;iic,-i - .soda rade, gagar-grade, tnd Bour-grade; i sella lor aboul hall a cnt a puuod. and ttiiiusands of tnii.s :w-i groind In ono Masaaohaaetta town. Flour bus boen adulteratcd in EngI mi, and probably here, with plator of Pa M, booe dlMt, aud, clay, and challe. TbOOMUidiJ of barrott of Ierra alba ar Hold ni nur cities eyity yer, lo l' ODUted with KOKara in confootionory, and other white Hubstanowt, tAndins lo produce ftone, kid noy OomplaÍDtl and various diseaso.s of the atoiuaob. Scvnity five por cent, of terra .ill'iis (ilten Kld as cresm ot' tartar for " 'kinc;. The colotiof mattnr of conliv lio lery enntains Icad, tncrcury, arsenic, and ri, per - sny tlif .Mnvsaoliu.ietts hualth reP' u nt' 1878. 'I'he Baltimore ewn .says iliat baklng powders cootain a liire poricntajíi' of torra allm snd alutn. The EnKÜsb Sanitary Record of February25, 1876, i'tiilmtes the high death rnte aruoiiK inFáiita to the adulterarion of milk, not alone with water, but witn various other sub-tanOM. It is affirmed that thousands of galiana do not conlain a single drop of the i,"'iuine ariiele ; it id etimated that about l(H),ÜO0,0O0 pound.s of butter are made in ihis country f'roru animal fats in a year. The adnl'erntion of wines aid liquorsand di'iiL'-i and medicinen are too wvll koown. ll"iiy and sugars are now so adulterated that some persons will not use them.


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