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A Wasp In The Old Man's Slipper

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Says the Dallas (Texas) Herald : There are in the life ot asinail boy when he feels very sad f'rotu the use of a slipper or switch upon hiui. lf aoything happens to the person who has thus afflicted him, his jiy i-í great, as will be seen trom the following incident : Á gentleman returned home Inini his daily toil and had pulled off his boots arnl was going to put on his slippers, when a howl of ntraas agODy resounded thruugh the hall. The affrighted family rushed to the door, and beheld their papa heaving the sbadows with wild gestures and fnotie iivrations. "Take it uil'? " he shouted, and made a grab at liis foot, but missing it, went on with the war-danee. " Waiter ! " he shrieked, and started up stairs, three at a step, and, turning, canie back in a single stride. "Oh, I'm stabbed ! " he cried, and sank to the floor and held his right leg high abovc his head ; tlien be arose to his feet with a bound, and screaming for the bootjaok, he held his foot out toward bis terrified family. " Oh, bring the árnica! " he yelled, and with one despairing effort he reached his slipper and got it off, and with a groan as deep as a well and as hollow as a drum, sank into a chair and clasped his foot with lllit'l íl'íM i . "Look out for the scorpion," he whispered hoarsely ; " I'm a dead man !" The small boy was by this time out in the wood-shed, rolling in the kindling in an ecstasy of glee, and pausing from time to time to explain to the son of a neighbor, who had dropped in to see f there was any innocent sport going on in wbich he oould share. "Oh, Bill! Bill I" he lid, "you wouldn't believe ; some time to day, somehow or other, a big blue wasp got into the oíd man's slipper, and when he carne home and put them ou - oh, Bill, you don'tknow what f 'un l've had ! "


Ann Arbor Courier
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