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Magazine and Book Notlces. LBTTF.KS FKOM A ClTIZBN OFTHR WOKLDJ OR Kr Kul' K THBOUOH TUK KYES OF A CIIINKKIC Puilosdi'hrk, ly Ollver öolüHtnlth. tio, 44 of tlie Kiiiiidtiril serii'.s.publlshed by I. K. Funk 4 l.'o., New York. ThlR book needs 110 crltlclsm or eommendatlon. The name of lts author Is a sufflclent gnarantee of lts excellence. Thls house Is eertalnly dotng a good deed In placlng such excellent llteralure upon tbe market at a prlce oiitamnijlc by even the poorest. Tit kok Tat, a Teutonic adventure, by the M:inliiomss liara lianza. Prlce 40 cent. New York: O. I'. i'utuam's Bous. Ttils story la one of the harmless speciën which, though it may not ever prove of mnch benefit to any one. wlll rertalnly never work injury. It relates how two New York "swellH" get taken In by a llttle Germán glrl of temai kable beauty but of detestable character. The tale Is cleverly wrltten, and wlll serve thp porpose of lts lntentlon, probably, that of innocently paselug away a few hours' time. AMitKKA Revisitkd by Qeorge AugustiiR Sala. No. 45 of the standard serles, pabllshcd liv 1. K. Kuiik .t ('o., 10 and li Dy t., New York. l'rice '2M cents. These series of cheap books, gotten up In a nally good manner. In quarto form, and excellent letterpress, have a great mlsslon to perforra In crowdlng out the perniclous and Nensational yellow-covered llterature. and edui-;it ing the massos up to a tante for Instructiva and benefleial readlng. ThiR book contalns 39 letters, wrltten by Mr. Sala, to a leadlng Ixndon new8paper, whlle on a tour through the U. 8., and are graphlc in descrlptlon, and of Interest to tbe mailing public. The book pciuhIk Dlckin's "American Notes" In Interest, and far excels them in justlee to our country. Lbabninq to DkawortheStoryofa Yoüno I).HKNi-:K.liy V lol lel Le-Duc. translait-d rr.mi tlie KreiK'h by Virginia ('Imnipllii. Illutratcd. Npw Vork. O. P. Pulnam'HSons. Thls wurk Ik wfaU lts tltle lndlcates, and for fhi In i'lrinrr tn rtnp nf ntunh vaIiia 'n,,. trntloriHglveii are of a purely clentlflc nature, and thr dlrectlona aooompanying aro sntn clently expliclt to glve the young Idea an inkllns; of 'how to ibool" in the directlon oí art. Any tsiiii MsMng an aMMUMt in thls very pdpalar ktady win tind in thls work juut what they Deed, and 11 mny liethemeauHol creatlng a (leslro for art, and als.) of vlug people Ideas ( luit wlll H tlicm for more competent Judginont in art critiriNin. In giving hucIi workK to tliepuldic tlnn flnn nre not only Rupplylng a loiiíí-frlt want, bnt nre planing in the handt of :vcry family In tlie land, If they bot Heek It, a ladder by whlch they may elimo to a more en - llghtenivl and rpflwl posltlon. The Popular Bdenoe Monthly for November hii-i :i letter from Prof. Adatns n]in Ütè currlcninrn of Michigan University provlng theerltÏcl8infi In a previonw nnmber of thiH raonthly to Iimvc been unJUHt, and Ihe wlitor ho acknowlnd In Iiíh endeavoi to orcep out of it t Uirows iipim liiMljop HarriH Reliarle of rnlnrrpi es'-Mhiin.n. Itui w' wlll not discus the subJect. Among (hc olhor papers are "The dovelOPOMBt "f poUtleal lnstltutlons,'' by Herhert Npnirer, I. Prelltmiiar.v; "The Sun's Ment," by Prof. e. A. Yoiimk, " EdooaUon w m btadnum ti ticinual occiiput mus," by s. I'. ThcimKoti ; "Tlu1 Khu-iftl man in America, " by IS. K. !- Costa; "A flock of Mythologle-al orows," ly W. H. Ganlner, M. 1.; "The tflectrlo burilar alarm;" "mental magery,"bv Krani'is Huilón, K. It. b.; 'The ovolutlon of orKanlc fonn," by ('liaw. Morrl; "Crltlctama oorri'ctel," by Hcrbert Spencer, and uumerouH other papers of Krent intereMl to the studont of to day. New York: 1. Appleton &O.,pulHsher8. lüieenlii per number, or M.flO por ypr. That princt aiilollK the pi ¦uu-ra ui in:in,liics, the International Review, lia a table of contenta for November well calculated to pleaite the student or eneral reader of Hund llterature: I. West Polnt and the Colored Cadets- Prof. Oeo. T. Andrews; II. The French Republle and the Jesuits- E. De Pressensó ; III. The "Musier Voratellungen "at Munich- T. ('.Keiton ; IV. The State nud the flallroads- Cha. 8. üaker; V. 11onI.hi I,awern In theolddays- John T. Morse, Jr.; VI. stule dehts and Repudlation-Robt. P. Porter ; VII. Contemporüry litertaure. New York, A. 8. BarnesA Co., publishers, 111 A II." Wllllain st. $5 per year ; f)0 cents per number. Llppincott's Magazine for Noreraber opens with sn artlcle on the "Rulns of the Colorado Valley,"Alfred Terry Bacon. Jcunle J. Young, author of "Tne caramlo art," conlrlbutea a comprehensive survey of the "arU of India." wtth nuraeroua lllustratlons. By way of comparlson "Llmoges, and lts Porcelaln," by Oeo. I,. ('fttlln, presents us wlth a view of oneof the great centres of the Industrial art In Western hurope. "A plvotal polnt," by Rev. Wllliam M. Baker, dcplcts the sltuatlon In Texas In the days of secesslon. "The practical hlstory of a play," by WlUIain. H. Rldetng. Introduces the reader liito the manager's 'den" and traces ttie successlve steps by whloh an accepted play is got reily forrepresentatlon. Dr. H. C. Wood's paper on ¦¦aulomatlxiii." tlie flrst of two, is a clear and popular prcsentation of hiological principies and facls. "Hoirabe kept her vow," by S. O. W. Benjamin, profesxes to be a true narratlve of adventure (lurlng the clvü war. An agreeably wrltten nrtlcle on "Helnrleh IIiMtie," two nmiisinj short stories by Olive Iogan and Margaret Kertha Wrlght, the last instaltment hut oneof "Adam and Eve. "poema by Julia U. R. Uorr and John II. Tabb, and the umuhI varlety of reading in the editorial columns complete the number. It Is announced that with the next year I his magazine wlll enter on a new series, the price betng reduced to 13.00 per annnm and i' cents per number. The November Issue of Scrlbnor'sMonthly commences volume XXI. A new departure has heen inatiRUrated lu the cover. The oíd and rather pretty violet bas been dlscardod for a manilla postal card sort of a paper, on which Is prlnted in old style letters the usual readlnR. It seems as if some person had endeavored to nee how homely a pioce if work they could exeente and hal succeeded admlrably. Now the wrlter has always " sworn by " Scribuer's Miiuthly.andKolu'iiiustbeallowod tocrltlclse. The new cover Ik a Rtep backward, not forward. TlieiciMlciits fail to be of great iiilcnst, but some of the illUHtratlons are villalnous, aud unlcss they are bettered during thecoinlug will injure the reputatlon of the magazine. In the present issue, taowever, there is llttle to complaln of in thig respni, save the frontspiece. The table of contents is of far more than usual interest. Kugene Soh uy Ier Ihm a paper uion ¦ IVI.t the Oreat, as a Ruler and Reformer, I.," lllustrated ; Jos. B. Ollder wrltes about Bordentown and the Ronapartes; an ex-conjurer explins the wouderful secrets of second-slght ; there Is a paper upon and a portralt of Walt Whitman ; a most excellent portrait of Mr. Oladstone; and a large number of article, ali readable and interteresting. Scrlbner A Co., publlshers, 748 Broadway, N. Y. $4 per year ; H oente per number. " Don't know half thelr Yalne." "They cured me of Ague, Biliousness and Kidney Complaint, as recoiumended. I had a half bottle left which I used for my two little girls, who the doctors and neighbors said could not be cured. I wou ld have lost both of them one night if I had not given them Hop Bitters. They did tbem so rauch good I continued their use unti! they were cured. That ia why I say you do not know half the value of Hop Bitiers, and do not recommend them high enoufh."- B., Rochester, N. Y. See other column. - American Rural Home. The Greatest Remedy Known. Dr. Kinq's New Discovert for Consumption is corlaiuly the greatest medical remtídy ever placed within the reach of sufforing huniaDity. Thousands of once sufFerers, now loudly proclaim their praise for this wonderful discovery to whicb ihcy owe their lives. Not only does it pnsitinly cuie Coosumption, but Coughs, Colds, A.sthma, Bronchitis, Hay Fever, Hoarseness and all affections of the Throat, Chest and Lungs yield at once to its wonderful curative powers as if by magie. VVe do not ask you to buy a large bottle until you know what you are gotting. We therefore earnest! reqvest you to cali on your druegist, Eberbach & Son, and get a trial bottle for ten cents which will convinoe the most skeptical of its wonderful merits, and show you what a regular one dollar size bottle will do. For sale by Eberbach & Son, Ann Arbor, Mich. A Fragrant Breath and Pearly Teeth Are easily obtained by eleansing your teeth dailv with that justly popular dentifrice, SOZODONT. Corapqsed of rareantiseptic herbs, it imparta whiteness to the teeth, a delicious aroma to the breath, and preserves intact, from youth to oíd age, the teeth. Acidity of the stomach will destroy the strongest teeth unless its effects are counteracted with SOZODONT, and this pure tooth-wash protects the dental surfaces by removing every impurity that adSívrnv?-"1- Ask y0Ur druist fr A small article of great efficiency is American Ball-Blüe. A favorite in every laundry. Unsurpassed for purity and brilliant effect. All grocers have it. Physicians claim Hops and Malt Bitters are the best. Knel. 1 ni N Árnica Sal re. The Best Salve in the world for Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulsers, SaltRheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains, Corns and all kinds of Skin Eruptions. This Salve is warranted to give perfect satisfaction in every case or money refunded. Prioe 25 cents per box. For sale by Eberbach & Son. Ann Arbor. 1002-1034 FRANKLIN HOUSE. DETIÍOIT, J'orner of Unten and Imrneri NtrertN, in the very center ot the tmafnrnH part of the city Oor tab!e are the bot, and onr rooms and bede aré not excelled. Term #1 .m per day WAKXKK % JAJIIM. Managers. IIFI II V"ur!l.a. t., making .v whro p,ldm, ¦ 1 cb.uc. la olfcrot. tlKrehr alway. Ueplgí pm" II Y I I' ¦"'""" "r " r ln.- for "" Ui II '""",'; "'S, rwc """ï ''! x- 1 1 Ij IJ "'¦-¦ süs-T .nrr.?L venr r,il,llv. Yo„ ,„ dcvot. ,oor wl, ... ,bo w.,iï 7, oqIj jour .ar aomtiu Kuil Inlnrm.llon nd II Ui.u, nmdad J. A. POLHEMIJS' LIVERY STABLE The best and most ex'enslve In the city. HACK AND BUS LINE Running lo a)l traint ni'ht and day. ONLY LINE WHICH RUNS TO NIGHT TRAINS. The bent hack In the city for ladlen calllne. Orders ailed prumplly for all kinds of conveyancea. Particular Attentioa to Orders for Funerals. COH. MIN AND C'ATIURINE Sts., A ARDOR, m{ii2 MICIAN. Send for dlri'Ctlons fr gelf-Meiuuramcnt. 75 Woodward Avo., and 1 Opera House Elock, IH. TKOIT, Ml( II. 'MS 1U18 ah about mrvAT SEND jK SSSS 1 L AAd f tho OAZETTEER & CUIDE, which oontalDs full Information on All matten of lntert ralau ng to x ha " Lona Bui State." and a new oorreot couutj map of Tmaa, 1IC X 3o mohán. JOHN ROSS l CO.. CEN'L GENTS, ST. LOUIS.MO I


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