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Tholl'urrsl au. I H.-t M.dlc rierur .ilaili-. Ai-oln,bintinn or Hops, Burhu, Mandraklei.n i Diindelion, nii ¦ " ' '¦¦ in ¦! ¦ urn 1 1% ¦¦ pi "j ¦"""¦ 'il ii II "I 'i' r Til ii 1 1, mkeiiihKn.aift BlooU Purtfler, LNpr RatUlVtOr,'"'1 I.Hi-nii.l II... No1lft...L(in poHslbly loni? ril! wh Flop Mlll.lHIU.' UIIO V'H" ' -ml ' 1 I' . l I. I. II.. Il" Thy gbe unlil'i aai rigor tí '.! jLl ni loSrra. TtoallwhoM %mpl"ynnTitn-iiin.. iin-ularltjuftli..!.... lor"'"'"ry Tifnns or wlio nqulreaQ Apiluu-rV T" nü mild SUmotont, Hup Bitter ar mvakuaW. without I ntoxNo nintUT whatyour forlln(r or ymptoms ar what the dlwaHe or allWBont f uw Hop Itlttra. Iun't watt untUyoufti"1' ¦lok but lf yon only ftM.J Imd or mirahl',1 "' UlèUJ at nu. ... It mny MTtt haMM A v od hundreda. $500 wlll pnl'l fora cal" tlii-T III not cure or help. Io not nuffor%orIttt your frlonda ¦uffer.but uuO and unre thcmk il Hop B Remember, Hop Bitters ia no t drii(nfHiI ( n. .-1 mm but the liu..Mt n i' Baat Medicine ever mad I Uut "IKT u.iniW nuinu I and HOPt" and no iursyu or fiunilyk ¦pjfl f.1 1. ui 1.1 be without Iban. bhbh A P.(.C.'ï"n abaoluteand lrnwlütÏÏÏlncurlB irDrunkennewi.uwof opium, totwcco nn.llaH iiArvoti.'s. AU ..1.1 hv .liUKtri'-ts. selid #C LH for rlrcnlar. Hop FKlrr. mm. (., M léH IlojhejtjjrnjrrnroTjtjMiM 1WS-1049 c e in M. S. snnil A. CO., corner ol AVondward aml Jcir-roii Avon., Detroit, Invite the ultenlion of buycrstotlicir Inre anI fine eolleetion of SlorliiiK Zilver Whit. Frcnch Cloekw, Faienee W:irc, Brniic, I'hi'í;iii oveltfeN, l)i:iiik.ihI-, Jewelry, WaUlni and Sllver IMaU'd Ware, einbraeiiiff artielcíí iiioni appropriale for Wedding Aiiniverary and Ilolidaj Gilt. Orden or inquirí' by mail will rceeive our proiiipi and rare f ii I atleiition. Jcweler and lm por Iers, corucrof Woodward and Jellerton cimo, letrolt. 'J77-1O-.'!! HALL'S Qatarrh gure. Is Becommended by Physicians. HALLS Qatarrh flure. Is Indorsed by Clergymen. "Will Curo Anv Cus.'. Offlcoof A T.fltewrt &Co. ChicüRO. 111 , Juno 4, 1830. Mesirs. F. J. Chrnty fc O . Toledo, O. GentlfMm-n .- I tak ploasure ín informlnp you that I have used Hall's Catnrrh Cure. It has cured me- I waa very bad- and don't hesitata to aay thai it will cure any cono otC'atarrh if taken propêrly. Tour truly, J.B. WEATHERÏ'OltD. Worth 1O A Bottlo. K. Murray, Jaekson, Mich. WTitei Havehad Catarrh for 30 yejir. Hall's Catarrh Curo cured me Conaidcr it worth $10.W a bottl. Hall's Catarrh Cure is sold by all Drncgists at W.per bettle. Manufactured and sold by F. J. CHENEY 4 CO. SoleProprietorf, IOLEDO, OHIO KXI9-KVJ1 -OFHops & Malt BITTERS. Hïcïi in the malcriáis that NourNh, Inrlgor mto, Purify and Strenirthen. 'lhey supply llraln. Muscular and A'erre Force, Vlyor to the Knfeebled, Tono and Strength to the KxhauNted, ourlshment to the young and New Life to the aged. Inalit on trylatthem. All DruggUucnobtln botfc frndrogulf Ue boitlea. - 1U05-Ï057 DANDELÏON Dr. Whtte'i Dandclton AHi'rtlvc, Hu' (iret Dlood Puriflirand hfninatcr. A epi-cific lor Liver .omi.l- iin, BillonaueKe. Chili.' nn Peïcr, UjüpupMo, Kldney Diueau, KhiMiro!ititm and Congtiptiltou of the Bowcls. Kemovea pimples and eallownenx from the skin, producinR a clear complexión. It 1b pnrWy vegetable, porfectly harmless and pleasant ti take lint bottlen only $1, and every Uottle wurninti-d. PULMONARIA, XX lor Coaghn, Colde, Asthtna. Bronchiti, C'roup, WhODpinp Congh and Inciplent CoMumpUoB. Fia.v cents pvr hottle. Laree bottles $1, and every botlle warranted. For nsle in Ann Arbor by Kberhach & Son, and dmeEists everywhere. KB-101# HALLS BALSAM Cnres Colds, Pncnmonia. Bronchitis, A 1 h ma, Croun, Whooplnp Couirh, and all diseases of the Breathinp Organs. Itsoothes and heals the Membrane of the l.iinifs. inflamed and polsonpd br the discase, and preTents tho ntehtsweats and tightnes aerosa tlio cnest whlch anoni ]any it CONSUM PTION N not an incurable inalady. It is on ly necessary to haïo the rirht remedr, and HALTN BALS AM isfhatremedy. ONT DEMPAIR OF RELIEF, for thi beulgrn gpeciflo will cure you, eren though professional aid ffls. HENRYS CARBOLIC SALVE the Most Towerful Jlealitig Agent ever IHscovered. Ilenry'i CarboUo Salve euret the coru orra. lUnry't Carbono Salv allayt the pain of burnt. r llenry't VarboHe Salvo rum all erun. lii'nn. r r,,,ry. CarboUo Salvo healt pimpla and blntclin. y I llrnry't CarboUo Salve riíí cure cutí and bruiset. V ' for Henrr's, and Takc No Ottar. I r ÜKWARK OK (X)USTERFBITg. J FOB AI.K HV VI. [. HlH'iiiilSTS. JOHN I". IIENIIY, rt'RUAN CO., 94 ííolleifo Pluro, Niv VorU. WI-iUI2-oow. RE-OPENED7 VW wish to snnonnúe that fliè n'd roliahln AlliHinbra Dollar store, hs been rcopened at the oíd n'nmber, 92 Wnotiwrd Ave., Drtroir. A cordial invitation g extended to ;ill lo lock thrnuyli and pi:idiine our new and elegant stock. N w noveltiea reeeivod daily. 1ihi o l wi Oulflt oot frrt to thodc who wl,h to nnir-' lu tbe moa V til-ini nil proflubia biMtowa k ii'. CatiiiftJ uol rnUlrt. W will ftirniih v. " L fX '"'"¦ '" "J "!""' I" r-il "'¦'I" "Itllo'iH t m lrln wy fnnn homr m.r nljht No rk htfer lal """' ¦"'"' "'k" uu-.i i w. Mwj ir uukiM "'IF '"'"""'¦ " ""¦ lrtU. mkt ñ .. in.n T y u-l T..tinn - ;m.i girli mikt? nr.ti pi. u ..„. ni,,, w.IIIdk t worh fbilH to inulta more mon ¦, can w Ilmii wk tBllT urdlnnr) .inl.l.-iui.lil. [I, lli, f Ki[ MIiiikI .-I,,. n ,.„.! i,. r.,.i 1.1, [ II.('ti , furtUlKl, UIMI0Q


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