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Whooping cough prevails in Fosters' district, Sylvan. School closed on account ofit. The apple buying business is nearly finished. Very few apples are coming uto market. Samuel Seney, of Lima, has just fhreshed, off 95 acres of land, 2,733 bushels of wlu'at. Ho is that for Lima ! On last Tuesday, in this village, of diphtheria, Willie, only son of William Judson, died, aged 2 years and 8 months. DIED.-At his residence, ia this villige, on last Monday, after a short illness, Louis Staffan, aged 20 years, the oldest son of Frank Staffan. The whole community at large sympathize with the bereft parents. Last Friday evening Miss Olive Conklin, who is about to leave our midst for New Orleans, as a missionary among the freedmen, was very happily surprised at her home in Sylvan, by the arrival of a large number of friends and relations, who carne to spend the evening in social intercourse with her, and with oach other. They came laden with " the good things of life," and after partaking of a fine re past, all asseuilled in the parlor and listened to appropriate remarks by Rev. Mr. Munger, of Grass Lake, and Rev. Ml. Walden of Waterloo, after which Rev. E. A. Gay, of Chelsea, in behalf of the aasembled friends,in a neat little speech, proBented Miss Olive with a bcautiful writing desk, also a very fine motto, wrought and presentad by Mrs. Walden, of Waterloo. The. happy recipiënt was so overeóme with omotion, that she oould scarctily find words to express her gratitude, but all realizo 1 it. Prayer wan then offercd and the company joined in singing "All hail the power of Jesús namí." led by Bro. üeo. Davis. The occasion wa one long to bu remembered and cherished in the hearts of all who were presenf. DEXTER. John Poane, one of Dexter's aged citizens, while getting out of a buggy one day this week, fell in such a way as to receivo several bad bruise.s. Ijaat Wednesday, Mrs. Michael Daly, of this place, slipped, while descending a pair of Main at her home, breaking an arm in the l:ill. Tbis is a sad affliction, as ber work is the only support of a large faruilv. Mr. Walter Brass and Miss Carrie Allport, both of Webster, were married at the residence of the bride, Wednosday, Nov. 3d, by Rev. Mr. Bush, of Detroit. Tlicy took the eveniDg train west on a bridal trip. MANCHESTER. Krom the Enterprise. The laruiert) are putting iu their best licks to get thuir corn all husked before the frecze. Hoiiit' of our young uien are getting up a high toned uiaciuerudu buil, tocouie off on 'rh.iiiksjiiviiifj. V. U. l'eck has sold his farm to George llarmandingcr for fi,400. Mr. Peek will eithur move to town r (!" soutb lo spetid tbc winter. L. 1). Watkiris returned home from bis westera trip on Saturday last. He got "caughtout" in the snow storm in Nebraska, and fared worsu than a ,-oldier m the regular aruiy. W. H. Starks ani Stove Tcnin ohosc eaca about 20 of the bost hunters of the country, and on Thursday last had a grand hunt. The side that won eat a good supper at Kirchner'n, pnid fur by the other side. II. D. Walter, of Bridgewater, bouglit of C. M. Fellows, of Sharon, five registercd Merino ewea. The young man is tarning his attention from trotting horses to fancy sheep. D. C. Walter also bought a fine Vermont ram. A young man named Wm. Kentukler, wuo works for George llawson, in Bridgewater, was kicked by a horae recently, and had his arm broken just below the shoulder. In passing the horse the young man hit it aclap with his luitten, and the horse kicked him. Dr. A. Conklin & Son reduced the fracture. A mother was tnlking to her seven-year old son about the filthy habit of smoking, and hoped that he would never contract it, whcn he replied, " Why, ma, I can never be a man if I don't learn to smoke." What a sad mistake that boy has made. We hope that he will become convinced before he learns by experience that a boy can grow to be a man without the ose of tobáceo. Manchester has tired of the galling chains of democracy, it would seem, and has started over into the republican ranka. At least some of the republicana received majorities there at the late electioo.