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The Pioneers Of Washtenaw

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We like to icvijw the glad days of ycre The scènes ol young life lliat return ne Memory retains throuyh the fast rolling The virtuc and worth oi" the old pioneer-. The vanguard ol' honor, in whom we can trust. Who tulii iis of Michigan's worth at the first. The scouts who wcie HDt to Mftrch out the lafid, Am) briu thcir report froin new Michtganaj -¦ Truc. faitbful werkers, who inade honor tAr Uw, The fathors and founders ol rich Wachten. Sattlc they fonyht, nol in anger utd bi Bot :i i n bettel batlle, foi non) Hint tiMut; TIn y CftUM in yonng manhood, the bracst KD To form a new county, tlie prldfl erf the west. BwmI áajt ..i youoj Ufe, wbeo bMrts van tha UgfatMt Wlien hcfivcn seemcd ncur and liope rm the brigbtost The young meii we re workers, so ttalwtri and strong1, PU] ing the forest witli lau;htcr aiul song; Maidens an.l matrona al home did tlioir Jutyf , . I-ovin$r and kind, au.l rad hint in beauty. New rriendthip wen formed, both helpiul Si Wikii lulding lo}; bousea and neighbors wan few; When clearing the iielils, aiul plowlnf, and ¦OWiog, Co beils were onding and tin trumpets Mowing, Kind hands tiimuffh the woods (Tie limchcon s bringinK, When through golden raia ihc eradles were vBy ing. The red man's pow-wows andliUwjtr-whoopsaio o'er, The Mnokc of hts wigwam nsccnds hcre no more. fl The farmer eime first, to plow In the west, Hiswork is the grandest, he feeds all the rest, Tlie blessings of peacc and plenty are gtvaq, Swcet homes and schools and cliun-hts and henven. The pleasurcs of youth and sage wisdom combine To doublé our joy wbea we think of 'I.ang-syne." V'hile forests shall grow and the Iïuroi shall flow, The you made down the MgVfl sliall got The lirand buildings ani spir.- tliat gleaui in I Are monument v to the gQod WOIJU "U h:t e ilone. In yonng happy isions Iri nVbori aml hou eèi, T"ou never foresaw snch prand and tow i Vour htstory is wiittrn all nci tMrfMAH, While whfrit Aeldfl sliall w:le, :mmI r h.ill stand, Court honses may crumble and -trfffrScíCÍ Hut memory's treasuit-s shall not fade away, The bigher the blessins the world des bt piv= . The higlier and purer B lite we shoiild H.v We are ptoneera to n lite bevei nuling, The g-lory uf earth for evei transcendí u ; We wül meet you atrain whcre we nevci Hy the River of Life, on the streets made of g


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