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The Inventor Of The Wheelbarrow

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It talcos u fjroat man to do a Hule thing sometimef. Who do yon tliink invented ,liat vory simple tliing aalled i lic whoelbarrow ? Wliy, no Ickm u umi than Leon ardo da Vinci. And who was hc ? He wa.s a musician, poet, punter, architect, Oalptor, physiologist, engincer, natural ïistorian, botanist, and inventor, all in onu. [Ie wasn't a "Jack at all trades and uiaser of uone," either. Ilewasareal master of muny arts, and a practical worker bo8de8. When did ho live? Soniewherc about the time that Colurabus discovercd America. And wliere was he born 't In the beautilul city ot L'iorence in Italy. Perliap.-f HOM of you uia.y f'eel a little otteracquainted with him whon I teil you hat it was Leonardo da Vinci who painted otie of the pictures in the world. ' The Last Supper, ' a picture that haa een copied many times, and engraved in several styles, that tlmoat every onc has an idea ot'the arrangemunt and position at hc table of the figures of Jesus and hi.s lii-ilcs ; though I am told that, without oeiog thepainting itsell', no one cin tbnu a lotion of how grand and beautiful it is. And only to think of the thousands of poor ïard-working Americana who really own, n the wheelbarrow, an original " work" of


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