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Seal otter is as fashionable as seal tkin. Plush is at the zenith of its popn arity. Bayadere striped ólln are revived in Paris. Claret colored kid gloves are auiong the novelties. Uhangeable plushes are userl fir bonnets and strings. The "hinocko" 8 (lie latent iunovation in mande. Masculino styles for ladies' street coatiinifa are Btill popular. Shirred walsts are vtry ujuoli in favor with youug ladies. Wide velvet collars bordered with fur are very tti!i&bly woro. Plush coats are very stylish and are worn with skirta of any material. Llaque buttons pearl, with grapes and leaves, cherries, currant-i and blukburiics, of enaniel, are very haudomc. Little children wear Muall fancy plaid .-hawls laid over ihesbouiderMürf ïashion, crosed in front and tastend at the sida i In Hwthlander. Ladies' fur hats and caps are (treat. favorites (bis winter. The " Liplauder " shape has acrown of tenl.-kin with deep briui of ckunk or rough bear fur. The " Czarina" resembles a Russian military cap ; it is made of rougu black fur, with flat, sliff top, the ahape of a polo -cap, with deip briui, reaohin)? to theejebrows. A doublé silk cord is looj-ed acrofB the front and fastened with a tiny bow of the cord over the temples. The Da Vinci cap cm bc made in fur, but is 1.n hulky and more be coming in plufh or velvet material. Round lints in the Kngli-h stylen Heem to be the n.ost popular. The htylish half turbaux with closely rulled were found to be o bccoming durioe the last frason that ihey are retained tor winter wear, and are trimmed with ostriob bands, peaoocks' brea&ts, white gulls' breasis sbadiug into gray, short muf, Impeyun heads, curled over the crown of the bat. Another style of favorite hat is Ibe Heauharnais of black long nap beaver, large and broad brimmed and trimuied with an kuneMt bow of plu-h set ia the middle of the crown, and run through its fulds with a tuuing fork of Roman gold. For children's wetr, white feit hats, with feathers, warmly lincd, Taui O'Shanter caps, in velvet and plu-h, beaver caps and plush hoods are all worn. Little drawn bonnets, made of plush or satin, have lace caps next the face. Black velvet is sonietimej lined with white satin. There is nothing so cotufortable or btcoming to a childish face as a little hood to match the dres, lined witb contrasting color. Tt can be made warm enough by lining witli quiltcd sifk, fine flannel or wadding. The string-t should be of soft .-ilk, to match the outside color. Some beautiful suits have little cluaks of peacock plush, and drawn bonnets to match ; the dresses worn beneath of peacock ciNhmere. The small plush to match are very simply made, with twq gatherings and a two inch headiog, which fa.ll over the bands.


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