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Prize Sayings Of Children

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Tlic clever LnndoD paper, Truth, adver tised to give a prize of' L'J üs Ibriliequaintest saying of a chilJ. Several hundrec contributions were sent in, and I select a few of the most pointed : "As we were talking one day about churches and their various ceremonies, a little boy rcmarked lliat he had seen a chrUteniug, a funeral and a wedding, but he liad never seen a djvoree. Jack (aged 4, taking a walk) - ' What becomes of people when they die ?' Mamma - 'They turn uto dust.dear.' Jack-' What a lot of people there mut be od tliis road, Uien. ' ïotlie - ' I wonder wby dolls are always girls, Toiu ?' Torn - ' Beausc boys hate to be wade bal lies of. ' A child seeing a bilí on a telegraph post - ' Oh, mamuja, look ! A message has fallen down.' A precious boy of 6 years, listening wearily to a long winded tale, related by a 1I-O.-V rc'.itJVP tftok :iilt")ntflio oí' a cbort pause to say slyly : ' I wish that story bad been brought out in nuuibers ' ' Little baby is rery 11, Charlie ; I aui afraid he will die.' ' Well, if he does die, mamma, hewon't go to the bad place. ' ' Why, Charlie, howcanyou knowtliat?' 'Oh, I kuow he can't, mamma; he's gnt po teeth to gnash. ' Little boy learning his catechistn from hit, niother- Q. - ' What is man's chief end ?' A.-'IIishead.' Girl (yuwning over losson) - ' I'm bo tired ; I ehould üke to go to sleep.' Boy - ' l'll teil you whnt to do, then. Get up early to morrow and have a good sleep before breakfast.' A little girl had a penny given her to put in the oolloction box at church. When she dropped in the coin she cnlaimed : ' Tliat's the way the money goes, pop goes the weasel!' "


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