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A Paper Stove

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I'erhaps the most remarkable object ever fashioned froui paper vmn a fire-stovu with a ckeerfiil fire burningin it. We bave from time to time noted tbc announceinenta of newly inveuted niilway carnajes and cirriage wheels, chitnney pots, flour barrel-, Cottage walls, roofing tile.s and brieks and tiles l'ur stamping, all made of paper. A material capable of so many, k diver sified iu charaotcr, is obviously dc-tiued to play a very tuportant part in our manufaet uiinp future. Articles of tbis kind whieh havo jist now perhap the rentest interest, and which are auiong the latcst novelties in thia way, aro paper "blankets." Atteution has freqnently been called to the value of ordinary sheet of paper as a sub ftitute for bed clothes, or, at least as an additiontobedclothe?. The idcaseetnstohave suggested the fabrication of' " blanketg" from tliis cheap iuateril. The faet that they are not as durable as the genuino artiele i in their favor, as, in the cise of the very poor, where the same bedding is used for years, a very cheap material that will last only a couiparitively short time must be better than durable articles that are rarely or ncver wasbed.


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