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The only brothor of the late Professor W...

The only brothor of the late Professor W... image
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The only brothor of the late Professor Watson has etuploycd a Inwycr of this city lp contest tho will. Prof. Watson's relation to the Congrogational church wore such that thcre was no inipropriety in tlie remarks made by Mr. lïider in his funeral oration. ¦¦Knss' Becü nuk a ¦tadled oilnrt iti lb( i;iii'si issue ol hu paper, the Aun Arbor Oonrler toward M' the erltlelHin and oondemnatlon called down by M MeaMneni of the hu. Professor Wataon, white llvlnjr. and lus on dool llDee II' Professor' clonlli. H' cnniil riowever, w .mi. wiii. a single paragraph oi deooroou; rorded repeel ter Uw dead, tin ..I hl'. Ir.atinrlil r UN üvIiik. Detroit i'nv PreM D For our treatment oi' Trof. Watson whilc living wc have no apológica to makc, ani; no regrcLs. Had wc sought to bclittlo him, living or dcad, wc say, more in sorrow tban anger, that material was not hicking, but with a charity which is evidcntly lacking in his blood relativos we have suppresscd, what his treatment has caused them in the bitternesB of their feelinga to malee public


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