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What We Should Like To Know

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Many of our exchanges re pubüshin ¦-cries of' paragraphfl containing what the; ".hould like to know, you know," or wha they "should liko to see," etc., so th Coi'Rikr quill driver has a mild attack :ind woultl likc to know, you know : Why people, highly educated, excessivel polished, over iwiDgly learncd, do not pos sess respect and veneration enough for dead comrade to rjuietly lay hira in th grave without making tho occasion one t heap vituperation upon the living? Why people comnionly use the won "unrequited" when thero u no such won in the dictionary? Why the people of Michigan have neve taken any steps toward establifhing ston y;irds at our jails and alms hoiiscs, so tha tranips can be made to earn the food am lodgings which thcy now sponge out of the people, and the petty crimináis tentcncoi to our county jails could also be made to carn their board and shelter? Why, if a high protective policy protect the laboring man, and insures such big wages, that American manufaotured goods can afford to successfully come in compe tition in free trade England wilh her home made goods? Why the United States governmen allows that festering masa of rottenness am corruption, the Mormon church, to grow stronger yearly, without taking a single step toward crusbing it out? Why the American people where every home i.s .1 kingdom and every head weurs a crown, are gencrally such toadys? Wliy people blindly follow their leaders without stopping to consider or investígate, similarly to a flock of sheep? Wliy a man who fails in business for the purpose of cheating hts creditors should be KNMidand any better than any other thief ? Il' Prof. Dunster will fulfill bis jiromise and give the reasons why we are au enemy to the universitj ? Why people profesa to admire outlandisl sercachiug, and fqnalling, ana squaking in a foreign tongue, wlien the sweet songs o their own country are so niuch superior ant ininicasurably sweater? Wliy a fast horsc thatnever doeaa day's work, and is utterly useless for anything beneGcial, is worth $50,000, while a good, .ound, stout farm horse will only bring $150 at the most.' Why the great Edison don't enlighten the world about bis clectiic light, or else stop blowing about it? What the prcat judicial tuind of Ann Arbor found in bis active search, in this neighborhood, for something to sulstantiate the outrageous charges uiadc against the editor of the Coübier at the time oi Trof. Watson's death, and if in any accidental or incidental word dropped by u?, lic found the "brutal gloating" or "exulting fiend?" Why the penale nt,cJ look to the south for instances of bulldozing when the Detroit couimon council meets weekly? Why a man who has served faithfully and ably in one position is not by rigkt entitled to promotion? Mr. Conger, lor instance. Wbat's the use of payiog taxes, if Mother Shipton's prophecy, writtcn sonie four ceoturies tiuce, is true, and ¦¦ The worM to an end will corae. In elghnen liundred and elghty-one?"


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