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Maj. Gen. McDowcll, and Brig. Gen. Ord have been retired by Prosident Hayes. Boston is to relégate her telegraph and telepbone poles to the back alleys. Good for Botton. On the Northern Pacific lt. 11. , 185 miles have been laid the present season, and Jay Cooke says it will be completed within two years. President Hayes, it is said, bas saved $150,000 out of bis salary as president. Very sensible. He won't have to be pensioned now, will he ? Congress conveued last Monday morning, has organized, and it is to be hoped will Hettle down to business and give the country some good colid work. It is stated that another agricultural society is to be organized at Flint, on the 15th inst., which will "knock the socks" right off of other similar nranizations. Gen. VV. B. Hazen has been appointed chief signalofficer in place of Gen. Meyers, "old probabilities," whodied last summer. The new appointuient is said to be a wise one. Sir Edward Thornton, who has been tbe British minister at Washington since 1868, during Andy Johnson's administraron, will bo (ransferred, it is reported, to the court of St. Petersburg. Ifcongress will go to work in parnest and give tho eoumry the benefit of a good, live, business session, the menibern thercof will be duing a coiniucodabi jol, and tlie people will perhapa havo a little moro confidenoe in the m "1 ntentiona of the aiajority. We sliould like to have im oontemporeries scttle down on eillicr Burrows or Burrooghs, It is ([iiilo pcrplexing to piek up an cxehangc and note that tito Hou. J. C. Burroughs is Ilic man for the speakership of' the next house, and then have anotlu r aasert that Julius (V-ur Bnrrowi is tho Manie uian. The univiiMty of Kansas, at hawience, has just ïveeived :i niunificcnt bequest fioui the late Mr. Spoooer, a wcalthy Bostonian, who leaves a! out half a niillion dollars. Tlio speeial bcqueats amount to about fifly thousand dollars, and the balance of the estáte is to bc divided equally between Obcrliu College and the University of Ka n sap. The attention of the next Congrcss will be called at once to the existence of polygamy in the United States. Mr. Allen G. Campbell who oppo?od Geo. Q. Cannon as delégate to Congress from Utah, will contest the latter's seat on the ground that Cannon is ineligible, being aj.polygaiuist. Mr. Caiupbell has the law on bis side, has means, and has a pile of grit. Nowe will see who wins. .1 mms Rcdpath, the New York Tribune's able correspondent, is lecturing on the Irish question, and makes some bold statements in reference to absenteo landlords, who, he says couiprise ninc tenths of that class in lrelaud. Ilo a.-serts that Lord Loitrim's death was due to tlie fuct that he had ruined 50 poor girls, and the brother of one of thcni went from Chicago to Ireland and shot him. Even in Michigan ! culturcd, educatod, enlighted Michigan ! thure are inspectors of election who dun'tseeui to know enough to make out their returns coneitly, wlien all instructions aregiven; and uiany piinters who don'tknow enough tospella man's name correctly when they have a rrinted copy to spcll it from. Thouswda of votes have been lost in thu state by suoh blunders. this fall. Michigan is, after all, the model republican state of the union. The party was originally organized in that state, in 1854, and never sinee then has she elected a state ofliccr who was not a repuhlican, nor failed to givc her electoral vote to the republican candidato for president ; and never since then has cither branch of her state legislature been othcr than republican. And in 1880 her republican vote and majority are greater than ever before. - Chicago Journal. After a partial sleep of some years, tbc Groat Eastcrn has been litted up by a company called "The Great Ivistern Fresh Meat Company," with a capital of $1,000000,which proposes to bring eurcasses from both North and South Ameiiei, and to this end the steamship Great Eastern bas been rcfitted with refrigcrating applianoes for tho purposes designatcd. The monster steamcr has a history connected with the laying of tho submarino telegraph cables in the Atlantic üccan, in wfaiob i-apaeity she cxcelled all others. The Chicago Tribune seoms to have been the first paper to prepare a full table of the official returns of' the late presidential election, the voto s as follows : Garfiold 4,430," 415, Hancock 4,436,014, Weaver M)5,729, Dow 9,644, scatteriDg 1,7'.)3 ; total 9,192,595; Garfield's plurality 3,401. Thecloscness of tne vote between Hancock and Garficld is remarkable, and is another warning to people of the uncertaiaty of betting on elections. Sioce our last issue we have noticed Conger articles in the following papers: The Iosco County Gazette, (East Tawas), Muskegon Chronicle, Quiney Hera'd, and the Ingham County News. The Grand Itapids Post says on the senatorial question : "The Allegan Journal wants Torn Palmer to succeed Baldwin, and ntimates that Senator Ferry is writing letters in hia behalf. We have a warm side for Palmer, ourselves ; hut, from the field as it now stands, we should choosc O. D. Conger." President-elect Garfield is a descendant of the Ballous of Ilhodo LJand, and Mrs. Garfield is a lineal descendant of the revolutionaryheroGen. NathanielGreenc. The president-eleet will be tlie eleventh of the presidents who were college educated. Washington, Jackson, Van Buren, Ilarrison, Taylor, Fillmore, liincoln and Johnson did not go to college. Grant was educated at West Point, the two Adamses at Harvard. Jefferson, Monroe and Tyler at William and Mary's college, Madison at Princeton, Polk at the university of North Carolina, Picrcc al Bowdoin, lincharían at Dickioson, Ilayes at Kenyon and Garfield at Williams. The Chippewa Couuty News published at Sault Ste. Marie, wake.s up the echoes of the upper portion of the state by a long and loud huzza for Henry W. Scymour tor the sjjeakership of the state house of representativos. The said shout consista of a grand biography ; a claim for locality ; peculiar qualificalions, such as : "a quick, active mind, lurgeexecutiveability, a thorough parliamcntarian, excellent judgment of men and measures," etc , etc; and laut, but not least, his olection by 340 majority in an heretofore strong democratie district. As we have not heard of many (?) other candidatos, Mr. Seyuiour will probuhly stand in for his share of votes. The fooi-killer is sadly necded in New York. At Plymouth church, last Sunday, it becoming known to the audienco that Gen. Grant was present, the congregación refused to inakc their exit at the close of the services. Mr. Becchcr remindcd them that the services were over and askcd them ;o go, but they didn't " budge " an inch. [Ie then statcd that the " chuich was for the worship of God, not man," but still ;hey refused to go. Finally Gen. Grant, in company with Mr. Hornero, the Mexican minister, arose and pas-sed out, when the congregation did likwise. This is tho biggest piece of toadyism this country has experienced in a long time. Man worship so overeóme these rich worshippers that ,hey forgot even their decency. This item is going the rounds of the papers, just at present. "The Mormon iris have formed a society, the members of which take a vow to marry no man who will not pledge himself to be content with one wifc. Five granddaughtors of Brigham foung have joined it." That reads well and sounds nice, but it happens, that tho ascivious wretches who run tho Mormon hurch got hold of that little alliance and iroke it all to smash, making the girls prom8C never to vow such vows again. Iow much longer will the United States government allowthat festeringexcrcscence upon its fair name to exist? Is there not Bome way to do away with polygamy in hat community ? Or are these people so troog our skelcton army dare not cross words with them 'l We pity the oppressed in whatever land bey may bc or whatever tongue they may peak. The people of Ireland stand toay the most oppressed of any in the civilzed portion of Good's green earth, and we oubt if any of the barbarous states can urnish an exaiuplo of greater despotisiu. Kor geni rationa lias tlic cruel heel of' the KngKsh tyrant gtamped out tlie ambitii n and manhood ol'tho poor people oflreland. Slio bas held her iron gripupon the throat. of evory .soul born of Irisli parents on tliat ¦-land, and liko the highway robber, only undcr tlie guise ot('hristiiinily,has she demandeil evcry oont that could be produoed over and above enounh for bare existeneü. She bas pinioned her sons to poverty and forced lier daughters to deed of stiamo, and all in tbc name of Christinnity, and while sailing ander the bumr of ptograsnion and eiviliiation. It is time England bolühed slavery in [rebmd. Slavery, we Hay, lor tbouh it is not the sanie ipcoioa whicU existed in the southeni staten, and doe not includu the sale of human beingf, yet it is ii. me ihe leaj ulavcry, and none the les cruel and oppressive, and a tbousand times more shameless, for Knglaml pretend tu be one of the liberal, progres¦ivi- nut on ¦, of the carth. It will do do good for Ireland to bow her feelings in riot.s, or attempts to resiatthe aruied forces of her oppressor ; but all the na'ions of the earth should join in protet againat the treatui i-iit she reccived and is reociving. Even as England postured and threatened before Pulcigno, while the nations of the carth etood applaudingly by, even so should the l:nited States, whose people shook off that same despotie heel, uife and teil her inother country that such oppression was notallowable in these times of ireedom. Other nations would surelyjoin her, and Kngland would not daré to ignore them. Poor, oppressed Ireland to-day pittingly appeals for help in vain to all the nations of this earth. Will none of them respond to her prayers?


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