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CommlssUmers' Notice. S" TATEüK MK'IlHiAN.County of Valit-naw, M, The uudiTnluned haring buen appointcd ly the Probate Conrt for p'd county, CornmNílonei to receive, examine and udjut all claimt nul dtmanda oí all penont agalnii the aatateol Bdward 1-. Hoyden. liue of ald cuunty, deceaned, hereby trie notie, thal slx nionihp Iruni date aré allowcd, by order of iM Probate ('nuri, for credtton to pretent ih.'ir claimt agalnat the astate ol -aii deoeased, aud iliat they will meet at the oftlce of Zin P. KIiij;, tn th clljr ot Ann Arbor, In eaid cnuniy, on Tneaday, tlie flrpt day of March, and on l'neaday, the u.iity-lirst day of Muy next, at ten o'clock k, M., of cach l Bald QJ8, to recslTO, examine and adjnsi aald clain. UaJ, November 2uth, 1SSO. HENRY OSBOKN, ) KKANKLIN CATE, CommI86ioni:iw. 1010-19 ZINA P. KIMG, Clinnccry Sotlcc STA IE O?' MICHIGAN. In the rircuftCourt for tlie Coonty ol Waahtooaw. In Cbaneary, Twenty feroiid.Illillrial l)l-trit. - Wil imn I ('alvirt, complalnant, n. charle-. OatchelUdeléodant. Upon diie prooi iy afldavll iliat Charha aciieU, Ibc de fiMidant Intnaahove n i i adins in thls conrt, reildei out of the said state ol Micliiiran , and tliat lie doea n -idc In tbe itata "i Colorado, apon ni. ilion of A. & C. A. Itlttir, uní I itor. for ie ordered tlmt the faid deU-ndimt, liiitclu-ü, do iippear aud answi'r tbe bf II of complalDt Illed in thií catlge withiu t!ireu nionthy fioni ili.1 .hite of Uül order, else thc eiald 1)111 of flonplatDt sliall 1 lak.-n ás conlessed by Raid defeunanl; aud, lurlher, that this order bu (mbllflied within twenty days Iroin this date In the Ann Arbor Conrier, a nowipapeí prlntad in agid coinity ol Waabteaaw, and that tile famc be pabltabad Iherulii ooce lo eacb w.-ek foralxweeka ni loeemaion. Sueli pnbllcatlon, howeTer, Kball not be necedfary in cae a copy of thit order be Mirved on the wald uefemlaiit persoutlly at least tnenty day bofore tlie tiuiu prescrlbed horaln for hls appearanec. Dated, Angusl 26tb, A. D JAMKS McMAHON, Circuit 'mirt OommlHlonoi In and terWasbtenaw Courty, Mich A.& c. A. iil.AlK, Solicito tot Complalnant. 1(1111(117 Dissolution of Partnership. Tii.' partBanbtp baretofore eziatlnK betweai W, W. itiir-H and t. 8. Bnck,of Ann Arbor, ander thc minie of W. W. Ullft .& ('i.. I thla day diaeolvcd by mutual consent. W. W. BUS8. The buBinesn will bo continaed by tbe and ed, who wlabea lo retarn niniks ror p:i-r patronage, aud bopeí bj mrict it ntloa i" bmlnoa 'o mrlt tature trade. K. S. Bt'CK. 101-i 17 OAA AAA ACBWiOF rHBAP ASI líUlliUUU KElilíll.K L4NM FOB BAJJt In the liuautifdl thc GARDEN VALLEY 8PNEBRASKA BtORAHAM A Jonks, Real Rítate A?eir ler, ('iiinini' ('o., or Norfolk, Mii.Ii-.oii ('o., Nubra ía. Mape, l'iuihloif, ate, rurniabed free ppon applioalloo.


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